A Career in Wedding Photography

A Career in Wedding Photography

A wedding photographer captures the most beautiful and aesthetic pictures which become memorable for many and is the happiest day of their lives. Capturing the most beautiful moments and translating them into pictures is both a talent, learned skill, and art form.

The aspirants should earn a proper degree in a photography course; it helps the candidates to know the crux of the course where a student learns all the different aspects of professional photography, including proper lighting and posing techniques. Earning a professional degree will allow the candidates to expose themselves to practical experiences.

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A wedding photographer needs to complete a course in photography to learn the whole and soul, and all the minute details of photography. Also, one needs to possess creativity, talent should have a passion for photography and business acumen to excel in this field. There are no particular regular courses which are available in wedding photography. Thus, interested candidates can pursue any level of program and certificate courses in the field of photography to learn the very nuances of photography skills. A 10+2 pass student with good aesthetic sense is eligible for Degree/Diploma/Certificate courses in photography which is the available part-time and full-time basis. A candidate can become a member of particular photography organizations by attending workshops and seminars conducted by these organizations and can work along with them and suffice with knowledge. Working under any established wedding photographer or skilled photo studios for the wedding will be highly advantageous. This will enable budding wedding photographers to see how the business operates and develop their photographic skills alongside other work skills.

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Wedding photography, like photography, is highly competitive, and survival of the finest is one of the most critical aspects of this career option. Quality and art are highly recommended instead of quantity. The first and foremost job of a wedding photographer is delivering aesthetics with quality. The most useful way of gaining experience in this field is to work as an assistant photographer under an established and prominent professional. The work of wedding photographers, in general, involves clicking pictures of weddings and family portraits with proper lights and poses. After assisting, many photographers work individually after gaining experience. They establish themselves as top-notch professionals in their individual choices.

There is no such fixed monthly income for a professional wedding photographer. While assisting with any of the firm or established photographers, one can earn Rs800 to Rs1000 per wedding whereas as a freelancer photographer one can earn Rs5000 for a single wedding ceremony. The most established photographer can earn Rs20, 000 or more when contacted for a celebrity wedding.

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Thus, a wedding photographer must have knowledge in depth about creativity, lights, focus, poses, so as to pursue photography as a career. With the increasing number of marriages taking place in a lavish manner with pomp and grandeur, well-known photographers can find themselves in demands and they can be booked back to back wedding photography sessions. The interested candidate can onboard themselves in photography to make a career.

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