Academy Of Animation And Gaming

Academy Of Animation And Gaming

Animation and gaming are basically the beating heart of our twenty-first-century world since the late mid-1800s, where it was a kind of parlor trick to get still images moving by slightly changing the position of an area and going back and forth between the images to create the illusion of a moving object. From then, of course, the techniques used were improved upon to create better animations. It has reached its peaks and still is heading forward with its amazing techniques and mediums. Then an inspiring animator, Walt Disney, took the reins in the 1920s and started an animation revolution; one that even influenced Japanese animation. Animations have greatly influenced the way video games are made, whether it was giving the video game sprite movement, emotions, or quirky attitudes. The influence animation has had on video games is very noticeable and pleasant.

Without the techniques used to make animation more fun, recognizable, and dynamic the video game industry would probably not be as animated as it is in this day and age. An Individual interested in gaming and animations usually has a Bachelors’s degree in Fine Arts, or game art and design, with experience as an intern. Employers might also need a portfolio showcasing previous works. Skills required to obtain the position are a degree in computer science, visual effects, or related area. Knowledge of 2D and 3D computer graphic technique – Shading and scripting experience and working knowledge of Houdini. Video game animators add realism to model and texture works through motion. Animators use computers and specialized software to create realistic movements. They add character movement, but also could also add action to lightning and background scenes. Animators study real footage of people’s emotions and use this footage to assist them in implementing natural-looking motion in their animations.

Academies, where one can pursue into Animations and Gaming, are:

  1. Arena Animation
  2. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic
  3. FX School
  4. Reliance Education
  5. MAAC
  6. Whistling Woods International
  7. Eden Animation and Gaming Academy

Most video game animators make about $63,970a year and about $31.40 per hour. Most of the animators who are employed work in an office environment. However, there are some animators who work 40 hours per week and in a deadline, the situation may work 55+ hours a week.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted that jobs for multimedia artists and animators would grow 6% from 2014 through 2024. This growth will most likely occur due to increased demand for animation and visual games in video games, movies, and television. The similarities of these job expectations and the research conducted are turning models into animation tools and making character movement. Anyone looking to pursue this career must plan on obtaining 4-5 years of experience, paid and unpaid.
The reason I find this position interesting is that I find the activity of adding little details to characters and to make them as realistic as possible. The above-given institutes are primary academies that will master and be a feather on your cap.

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