Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

Advantages and Disadvantages of Advertisement

The selling of the product without accentuating attention to itself is a good advertisement.
Advertising is a means of communication for the users which is generally an announcement online or in a newspaper or social media about something such as job, products. As each coin has its two sides, Advertisement has its pros and cons. In this article, you will learn in-depth about the advantages and disadvantages of an advertisement.

Advantages of the Advertisement:-

  1. Targeting Clients become Painless.
    In a world where social media is used by the majority of the population, it becomes easy to target people to buy products, or to secure a job through advertisements. Social media networking is the biggest network worldwide, which connects people. It becomes easy to catch the eye of the clients for the products, events. It becomes beneficial for the company to get clients easily and quickly through different social media platforms.
  2. Increase in Employment.
    Advertisement is one the major sector which is responsible for generating employment through world-wide. It employs all the people who are concerned in every field. Through advertisements producers increase their sales and reach out to the people in and out quickly, it increases the level of employment in the country as labor is required to boost the production up.
  3. Upgrading the standard of living.
    Advertisements help in improving the quality of the product in a positive manner which allows the producers to introduce variations and different products with unique characterization. This leads to improving the standard of living of people by enabling consumers to buy such standardize products throughout life.
  4. Introduction of a New Product.
    Whenever there’s a new launch of a product, the producers find it very easy to communicate with the consumers in a very efficient and cost-effective manner. It simplifies the work of a salesman and allows the customer to reach out quickly. Hence, the introduction of the new product becomes descriptive for the consumers.

Disadvantages of Advertisement:-

  1. Artificial way of life:-
    An individual is attracted to the beautiful advertisements, which led them to buy expensive products that they cannot afford. Advertisement encourages more wasteful consumption by the consumers. People are also encouraged to purchase products that are not suitable for their health.
  2. Deceptive in nature:-
    The biggest flaw of an advertisement is that it is misleading and hyperbole in the environment. The claims are false, and the level of exaggeration for a particular product is vaguely identified. Questionable means are used to sell the different product which misleads the consumers and they get carried away with the beautiful advertisements.
  3. Ethically incorrect:-
    Many advertisements are objectionable because they undermine the ethics and values. There are some advertisements which are vulgar, children watching television can come across such advertisements which are morally and ethically incorrect.
  4. Sheer Volume:-
    Advertisements are flooded all over the magazines and newspapers with new advertisements on it. The new chocolate is launched the new deodorant. Unsolicited bulk advertising on emails which are known as spams is also increasing as the day passes on.

Hence, like any other business, advertisement is also a type of business where people make a profit out of it. It has its own shared part; pros and cons. It also influences people which is an advantage and also a disadvantage.

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