Advantages of Online Advertising

Advantages of Online Advertising

In the modern-day, where people are more likely to pick up their phone to order food than to go to eat, advertising has transformed to fit the bright screens. From newspapers to television to the internet, advertising has been evolving with new technologies. We have come to the point that based on each user’s preferences, the advertisements users get are starkly different from each other. Previously, advertisements used to be a costly affair for small businesses and companies. Now, with online advertising, it has become much cheaper.

Google, one of the leading tech companies even provides courses for small business owners to teach them how to advertise their product better using online advertising schemes. With online advertising, it has also increased the extent of aggressive advertising. But, it has helped small businesses get to the stage of speaking to the customers. Today, even the smallest of companies have a voice on the internet. Even social media has helped in this matter. Online Advertising is surely a prospect that has helped small businesses.

Online advertising has a great effect on what a person will prefer. With traditional advertising in newspapers and TVs, an advertisement is fixed irrespective of a person’s needs or wants. The scenario is completely different from online adverts. By collecting data online about a huge number of people, companies will cater to different ads for different users based on their needs. This has two sides to it: People will get the ads that will help them get the things they need and also increase the customers for the companies and the other view is large companies are taking a lot of information of each user and if it gets leaked, there might be a threat to privacy. But keeping aside the privacy concerns, online advertising is more futuristic than what we might tend to believe.

Using online advertising, a lot of companies have reported an increase in their sales and public opinion. PR is also something that got a boost with the advent of online advertising. In the golden age of the internet, ads used to be flashy, but now, they are more in touch with modern fashion. With social media, a whole new dimension has been added to online advertising. In social media, one can market their product only to feasible customers as nowadays, everyone is on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Every click, every like, every share will only increase the information about the user and thus leads to better ads. Even in online games, ads are based on user preferences. With streaming networks such as Netflix, Hotstar coming into the picture, video ads have also become prevalent. Now, streaming giants can give ads based on the type of video one is watching.

Due to online advertising, companies have earned a lot of profit. Even blogs scrape some money from online advertising. One can post their ad anywhere or give it to an ad broker such as Google ads. As this is very cheap compared to traditional advertising, a lot of new companies are getting the spotlight and this is good for the economy as this maintains diversity among companies and gives room for less established, modern companies to improve.

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