Advantages of Social Networking

Advantages of Social Networking

A social network is defined as the use of dedicated websites and applications that helps people to interact with anyone. There are more than 60 social networking sites in our world and statistics say that more than 2 billion people in our country use social networks. Everyone/everything improves in terms of technology if technology improves we can notice that simultaneously people also improves, and every time discovers something new. Even though social networks have both positive and negative impacts, but this article is going to be only about the positive impacts that social networking sites have. IBM Simon was the first smartphone (touchscreen mobile phone) that was launched in the year 1992 and was brought into the market by BellSouth Corporation in the year 1994. After IBM Simon Samsung smartphone got launched in the year 2001. Smartphones are the only base for social networking. From 2008 the competition for smartphones got increased day-by-day rapidly.

In the present era, there are so many applications (apps.) and means to reach people even for those who are far away from our country. Social networks are giving us immense opportunities and comforts to satisfy our needs.


  • CONNECTIVITY ALL OVER THE WORLD: – No matter wherever you go whatever you do, but to reach out to your family and friends and to inform them as to what happened and where you live or where you work, social networks help you to reach out to them. There are so many social media/networks to reach people wherever you go (e.g.) SKYPE; Skype helps you to communicate to the person whom you want to as well as you can also view them through webcam. Skype was founded in the year 2003 and was famous for almost a decade, and then slowly there emerged so many apps like Skype and the way they emerged gave an excellent competition to Skype. Nowadays, people use WhatsApp for communicating, forwarding, informing and WhatsApp also has voice and video calling, WhatsApp is nowadays used as a tool to connect people in various parts of the world. Therefore, the first and foremost advantage of social networking is connectivity.
  • GETTING INSTANT NEWS: – In the present generation, we have everything in our hands, in smartphones. We get instant news on our hands. Social networks have become the main source of news for more than 2.4 billion internet users, and nearly 64.5% receive breaking news from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc¦. On total Facebook has 43% usage for news consumption. A minute notification sound is all that we hear/get/expect instead of Paper shouted by Paper Wala early in the morning in the present generation.
  • CREATING MEMORIES: – Scientific studies have proved that social media/networks are used to create memories. Capturing each and every moment in your life is very important. The way you capture and add extra spicy masala to it makes you feel blissful at that moment. Social networks even help you to share your memories with your friends/acquaintances and yet creates another memory.
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: – A lot of business-oriented people use the opportunity that is given by the technology. They are nowadays using social networks to make aware of their business. Then the term emerged digital marketing.

People started using social networks in a useful manner. To conclude even though social media has both positive and negative impacts, it’s according to your usage, if you use it in a positive way then it gives you a positive impact, if you use it in a negative way then it gives you a negative impact.

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