After 10th Courses (Complete List)

After 10th Courses (Complete List)

Gone are the days when the only option present for a student fresh out of high school consisted of a run of the mill courses that catered to the need of only engineering or medical aspirants. In fact, engineering has probably reached a level of stagnation in India where an outbreak of engineers has led to potential crises in the employment scene, leading to rising figures of unemployment and underemployment.

Perhaps the time has come for both parents and students to think out of the box for future career options which are not only different and unique in their own sense but also provide great value in the future. Diploma in Engineering: Probably the less popular version of a Bachelor’s Degree in the same field, a diploma in engineering provides a solid foundation when it comes to courses after the 10th standard.

A diploma automatically grooms you for the field without having to go through the entire cumbersome process. Diploma in engineering is offered in the following streams; Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Metallurgical Engineering Medical Courses: While it makes enough sense to not be qualified as a certified doctor immediately after 10th standard, there are plenty of opportunities for those who are serious about building a career in the field of medicine.

After 10th Courses: 

  • Diploma in Rural Healthcare Nursing
  • Assistance Pathology
  • Lab Technician
  • Hospital Assistance
  • Paramedic Nursing

With India emerging as one of the top destinations for health tourism for many international patients, this is an industry that will experience only vast growth in the future.

Being equipped with sufficient skills to facilitate and enable the functioning of health care units provides a very lucrative choice when it comes to careers. Travel and Tourism Industry; India is rapidly rising in the ranks as a low-cost tourist destination and has garnered sufficient attention worldwide for the same. As per the documents formulated by the World Travel Council, India’s tourism industry has been developing at a breakneck speed.

Travel and tourism is a very vast sector with a lot of segmented fields that offer great scope for specializations. Some of the courses are; Food and Beverage Management Hospitality Management Food Technology Nutrition Catering and Catering Technology Front Office and Reception Management Hotel Stores Management IT and Computer Technology: Needless to say, the IT industry is the fastest and most rapidly developing industry in India. With the advent of globalization and foreign investments, this industry has witnessed a tremendous boom over the years.

One can get direct entry-level jobs provided they have good skill sets that might come in handy for this line of work. Some of the most popular course choices are; Search Engine Optimization Social Media Management Search Engine Marketing Computer Technician Hardware Maintenance Thus there is no dearth of options when it comes to securing highly beneficial courses which not only stand out from the crowd but provide excellent employment opportunities for the future.

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