Aga Khan Scholarship

Aga Khan Scholarship

The Aga Khan scholarship is an international scholarship program that is provided to a limited number of students who are doing their postgraduates. These scholarships are presented to the exceptionally brilliant students who have no other proper means of supporting their higher education. This scholarship is based on a 505 grant and 50% loan basis. The scholarship shall cover half of the tuition expenses of the student.

This program is generally to those who are pursuing their Master’s degree, but Ph.D. students are also welcome to apply only if the students are highly recommended for doctoral studies by the professors and who need a Ph.D. for their career.
This scholarship is offered by the Aga Khan Foundation, which is a private, non-profitable international development agency. The Aga Khan foundation lays special emphasis on the investment in the development of a better human potential. It works in 6 main areas: Agriculture and Food Security, Economic Inclusion, Education, Early Childhood Development, Health and Nutrition, and Civil Society. The student may also receive additional funds to support their living needs.

Scholarships for 12th Pass


Geographic Score:

The foundation hugely recognizes the applications from these countries:

  • Bangladesh; India; Pakistan; Afghanistan; Tajikistan; Kyrgyzstan; Syria; Egypt; Kenya; Tanzania; Uganda; Madagascar; Mozambique. The students for France, Portugal, UK, the US, Canada are accepted only if they have originated from the above-listed countries.

Residency Requirement:

The foundation only accepts those students, which can process the application and interview the candidates.

Age limit :

  • The student must be below the age of 30.


  • Genuine financial need
  • Excellent academic record
  • Admission to a highly reputed University
  • The relevance of the field of study to AKDNs focus area.
  • The students are also selected based on their thought process as well as how well they demonstrate their interests and career plans, achievements, and extracurricular activities. The students who have experience are preferred.

Inspire Scholarship

The foundation does not cover travel expenditure. The Ph.D. program is funded for the first two years of study. After this period, the student must find his alternate source of income. Financial assistance is provided, but the ISP must be considered as a last resort. Half of the scholarship amount is considered as a load with a 5% annual service charge. The payback period is five years, starting six months after the study period.

The application process is online, and the application starts in January (January 1st) each year. The applications should be sent in by the end of March 31st although the deadline may vary from country to country.

NEST Scholarship

The students must prepare themselves for a round of personal interviews, which will be conducted by the local Scholarship Committees. The students would generally be asked about their interests, financial status, academic performance, career plans, and other activities. The selected students would be declared after a thorough and brief discussion among them.
All of the other queries, online applications, and other details are briefly described in the official web portal.

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