All About Cyber Security

All About Cyber Security

In today’s scenario, we/people run behind technology and always trusts technology more than themselves. Even though the technique is useful we should also see the disadvantages in it, we blindly trust our technology and then blame them for all the negativities that happened to you. To be honest, I think we have to blame ourselves for the damages or negativities that we had done for ourselves instead of blaming technology, this is because even though technology has both boon and bane but it’s according to the usage of one if you ask me I can tell that Technology is a mirror if you use it for useful purposes then it will give you back positive energy or impacts if you use it for harmful purposes then it will definitely give you a negative impact.

Before touching the part of cybersecurity, let us first know about cybercrime and its example. As you all know cybercrime is a computer-related crime that hacks or steals sources or resources from your personal computer. That is why it’s advisable for someone to protect their computer. Here are some examples for you to know about the cyber-crime if you are unaware of it. Firstly, identity theft, Identity theft is nothing but the hackers and scammers may use fake emails to collect information from others. Next is the transaction fraud, financial frauds are another common cyber-crime in online areas. Very next point is regarding the Hacking, hacking is one of the major cyber-crime frauds that happen frequently, as you all know hackers are brilliant that they get even the minute information from the personal computer you have, those days mostly hacking is done to get information and sources about big companies or any institutions but nowadays cutting takes place to blackmail people for their needs and wants, recently there was this blue whale game that got very viral, this game was all about hacking and was started by a psycho who blackmailed people those who installed this game by stealing all the documents from their smartphones. Lastly, Piracy is another kind of computer fraud, and it is the job of copying and distributing movies or shows that still have not got released.

We just now saw some examples of the cyber-crime. Now if you ask me whether is there a solution for this or not, I will say YES because obviously, you have a solution. There is something called cybersecurity, cybersecurity is nothing but securing your personal computer from threats or crimes. People should understand this because in the present generation most of the problems involve cyber-crime. Lets now look at some cyber-security examples that one should mandatorily know about: –

  1. Encryption: – Encryption is a process of encoding messages or information where authorized parties can access it.
  2. Authentication: – Authentication is a process of showing something real.
  3. Network security: – It is an activity that is designed to protect the usability of your network and data.
  4. Sandboxing: – It provides an extra layer of protection to protect your PC from viruses.
  5. Secure coding: – It secures computers from accidentally entering viruses.
  6. Secure testing: – It is a type of software that determines or checks whether the data are protected or not.

To conclude it would really be helpful for one to install or processor code the cyber-security in your personal computer to avoid problems.

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