Alliance University

Alliance University

As Ivan Welton Fitzwater once said, “The future of the world is in my classroom today”, one cannot imagine the world and the standard of life without education playing a vital role in it. Education is something the sparks our curiosity, makes us dream big, helps us achieve the unthinkable, and completely changes the way we have been living. Education is like a turning wheel, symbolizing the change of times and tides, bringing forth new ideas and perspectives on the table and completely renewing our sense of existence. An educated person is aware, can tap into his conscience, and has the capacity to make well-informed decisions.

India regularly comes under the global scanner due to the fact that is the world’s most populous nation with a fast-growing economy and a large section of the population falling under the category of children and young adults. It is needless to say that education is one of the sectors where the utmost emphasis needs to be laid. Education is our only key to the future; being a young nation, our biggest potential lies in our wealth of human resources. If properly tapped, this could unlock vast potential for developing the current scenario of the country and make India a forerunner in the global scenario.

One such educational institution that has been committed towards the idea of providing high-quality education to the Indian youth is Alliance University. It is a private university that was established during 2010 in Bangalore. The history of Alliance University can be traced back to early 2005 when it was named as the Academy Business School. This group of institutions later expanded to form the Alliance Group of Institutions. Madhukar G. Angur, acted as the honorary dean of the college and his brother Sudhir Angur acted as the president during the early years of the university.

Initially, Alliance Business School was unrelated to the Alliance Business Academy and was then affiliated to the Bangalore University. Alliance University was the first private university in Karnataka alongside Azim Premji University that was established under the state legislation. The sponsoring body was the group of Alliance University which was headed by the Angur family, and until 2016 Madhukar Angur remained as the chancellor. The university boasted of about 6500 students as of 2016.

Entrance to this university is done through the KCET exams, and shortlisting of potential candidates is done based on exam scores. Some of the courses offered by the university include BBA, B.Com, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical, and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Information Technology, B.A. LL. B., B.B.A LL. B., MBA, PGDM, Executive PGDM, M.Com., Ph.D. in Management, Ph.D. in Engineering and Sciences, Ph.D. in Law including Customized Training Programs and Management Development Programs. The university has always aimed to keep the needs of its students first focusing on providing them the latest skill sets and education so that when they enter the job market, they are ready to face any number of hurdles and step out of the entire process as a matured individual.

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