Amazon Advertising

Amazon Advertising

Amazon is a worldwide internet American technology company that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. The founder, the chief executive officer, the president, and the board chairman of the Amazon store is Jeff Bezos. At the age of 31 having a computer science degree and with little funds from his family, he became an entrepreneur, at present Amazon, which is one of the most innovative e-commerce industries.

In 1994 Jeff Bezos started Amazon store, and in 1997 May the organization went to the public; the company began to sell music and videos in 1998 and the following year the company started to sell video games, consumer electronics, house needs or related items, software, games, and toys. In 2002 Amazon began its web services which provided website popularity, in 2006 the organization grew its Amazon Web Services portfolio.

Then eventually the Amazon web page started growing and became famous worldwide. Now let’s get to know about advertising and advertising strategy on the Amazon website.
What is advertising? In simple terms, advertising is how a company encourages to buy its product, services, and ideas. Advertisements drag customers down or encourage them to buy a product or a service. This is how Amazon used its advertising strategy to attract its customers.

Amazon uses SWOT analysis; SWOT is nothing but Strength Weakness Opportunities and Threats. The strengths of Amazon are they are loyal to their customers, distribution facilities made comfortable, and they also have excellent offline customers. Their weakness is they get too many product deliveries in line, and they could risk their brand name, and there were or are no telephone support. Their opportunities are; they have opportunities to establish a global mass merchant leader, building community events around the brand; they also provide 24/7 services to their customers. Their threats are they get many competitors like,, etc.¦ the book publishing companies created their websites and this became yet another threat for the website, and lastly the continuous change in the trend in the market place. This is how Amazon uses its SWOT analysis.

Thousands of sellers on will be using sponsored products to make their products stand out from others. Amazon has earned a lot of customers who trust their website and that’s why advertising in Amazon can help you grow awareness of your brands. The sponsored products promote the individual products you sell on Amazon. Amazon reported a $3.4 billion revenue which primarily includes advertisement sales. It’s like a two-way process, you sell your adds and you get customers and you get income or adds become a big source of income for your website and this is how the advertisements in website work.

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