Applications of AI

Applications of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of Computer Science that deals with machines that have the ability to learn and adapt to situations without human intervention. AI has the thinking ability of a human or even more, and it can think and act independently on its own. There have been huge advancements in AI in recent times. The way we approach AI is through a concept called machine learning. Machine learning has become so popular in both academia and industry that it’s been used almost everywhere. There are lots of applications to AI. The main one is to reduce human stress.
Throughout the industrial revolution and after, we have experienced how machines can transform the way we work and live. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes seen as another revolution similar to the Industrial Revolution that will transform the way we work and live. AI has already made our life better in many ways and has given opportunities to companies to grow too. There are many personal, industrial and commercial uses for AI and we haven’t fully unlocked the potential of AI yet.

Some of the popular applications of AI are:

  1. Aviation
    AI is used in aviation technology to create computer simulations to train pilots and other aviation professionals. AI has become so crucial in aviation that without it, a pilot gets practical flight experience through AI. It has revolutionized the way pilots are taught. AI is also used to detect enemy airplanes and the best paths to reach any destination.
  2. Finance
    There have been lots of applications of AI in finance. The first one that comes to mind is stock brokering, before the advent of AI tools, stock brokering used to be done by hand but with computerized brokering, it has become ever so simple to trade stocks. Trading robots are also very common among companies that are used to place stock orders effectively. These robots use machine learning to figure out the stocks that give the most profit and trade them. Market analysis, data mining, and portfolio management are also various areas where AI is used for finance.
  3. Medicine
    One field that AI has changed completely is a medical diagnosis. Computer-aided medical imaging, heart sound analysis, drug creation, designing treatment plans are some of the fields where AI has made a tremendous impact. There are now over 90 AI start-ups in the health industry around the world.
  4. Media
    AI is used to analyze movies, TV shows, and user-generated content. Facial recognition is used for a wide variety of tasks and technologies such as speech to text make way for the futuristic depiction of technology in media.
  5. Security and Defence
    Many applications of AI can be found in the defense area. AI is used, and AI has also increased security as any illegal or unauthorized accesses are found out intelligently. Defense of every country has increased due to AI, and it has certainly helped many security firms as well.

The above are only a few applications of AI, as mentioned before, AI can be used in virtually any field. There are no boundaries to the capabilities of AI, and we have just only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the applications of AI.

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