What is Artificial Intelligence?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Automated software and artificial intelligence are rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing industries. As it develops and becomes functional, it opens up to an increased number of industries for various purposes. A series of new jobs will start to appear across the world, one being an Artificial Intelligent engineer.

John McCarthy, who coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956, defined it as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines”.

The study of artificial intelligence research includes:

  • Reasoning
  • Knowledge 
  • Planning
  • Language Processing (communication)
  • Ability to Move and Manipulate Objects.

The word- Artificial Intelligence was first coined in 1956 by John McCarthy. And in 1969 Shakey a robot was invented. Shakey was the first general-purpose mobile robot and it did mere jobs like turning on/off switches. In 1997 a supercomputer deep blue was invented and it defeated the world chess champion in a game. This was the first time when a computer beat a human in logic. In 2002 a commercially successful vacuum cleaner saw its day. Followed up until 2005 to 2019 when there have been various new inventions in the field of voice recognition and smart houses. The latest being replacement of humans in morning television news to read the news with robots.

Artificial intelligence’s long term goal is to think and reason like a human. Although we have already given way to artificial intelligence in our daily lives. For instance using google search to solve a query, or using Siri, wherein it uses natural language processing and speech recognition.

Artificial intelligence maximizes the tool of robotics, computer vision, and computer science and it is expected to outwit humans in terms of logic and reasoning.

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