Atul Maheshwari Scholarship

Education and Innovation cannot be stopped. Lack of proper primary education to the citizens of India is one of the leading problems of this country. Even the people who are capable of achieving great things in life are not able to come out of the dark. We must encourage such glowing minds and their zeal to learn. Denying education to those students is a heartbreaking thing to do. So that is where the Atul Maheswari Scholarship comes in.

The Atul Maheshwari scholarship is a scholarship scheme funded by the Amar Ujala Foundation. It is a scholarship that provides funds to the meritorious but financially backward students of our country. Scholarships are the ray of hope for all of these students and also serve as a fuel to the young and bright minds. Under this scholarship scheme, 36 students are selected through a written test and a round of interviews and can avail an amount of up to Rs.50,000 per student. And of course, the student can avail the scholarship price as per his qualification in the written test and interview.

Students from all over India can apply to this scholarship. The amount of scholarship varies from year to year. Applications start from July and August, and the deadline also falls in the same month. The students who have applied to this scholarship have to qualify the written test round as well as the personal interview round. The qualified student shall be able to avail of the scholarship money in such a way that they shall be able to continue their education without any disturbances. Thirty-six students get selected on the overall test. Only about 18 students from the 9th and 10th class students can avail of the scholarship funds which hold for about Rs 30,000 per student. Another 18 students from the 11th and 12th class can avail the scholarship funds which holds for about Rs.50,000 to each selected student. Two blind students are also able to avail of the scholarship of Rs.30,000 if he is in 10th class, and Rs.50,000 if he is in 12th class.

There are specific eligibility criteria for the student to avail of such scholarships. They are mentioned below:

  • The student must be studying in class 9th to 12th.
  • The student must be able to secure more than 60% of the marks in their annual exam.
  • The annual family income of the student should not exceed Rs 1.5 Lakh.

The selected students also get a reward. The students, along with their family, are taken to a two day trip to Delhi where they get to understand how the scholarship scheme works and how the Amar Ujala newspapers are designed. They also get a chance to meet the MD of the Amar Ujala newspaper and even the other chief editors. The students are also taken for a tour in Delhi and are then given the scholarship award.
Registrations can be done online. All you have to do is go to their web portal of the Amar Ujala official page. You need to sign up and create an account there. And then the student needs to fill out the form and apply to it. All you need is the passport size photo of the student, mark sheet as proof of merit, and any form of ID (Aadhar card Is more preferred).

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