Bachelors of Pharmacy: Jobs and Salary

Bachelors of Pharmacy: Jobs and Salary

Bachelors of Pharmacy is a career that is full of opportunities because of its continued growth in our developing country, India. There are various pharmaceutical companies that are being established, which thus provides employment to thousands and lakhs of people.

The various job opportunities in this field are as follows:

  • Research: Research on new drugs every year is done in the pharmaceutical industry. Without research, new drugs will not be able to appear in the market for the use of common people. The process development, clinical trials, and studies take a lot of time and people, thus providing employment to many.
  • Marketing: The freshers in this industry are employed in the marketing sector as medical representatives. Their work is to sell their products to Doctors, pharmacists, with the help of good communication skills and networking.
  • Writer: Becoming a writer after gaining a good experience by working in any company can also provide you with a good living after you associate yourself with a good organization. Medical writers are needed everywhere, especially in this social era to do blogging and web development on their products.
  • Hospitals and Medical Regulatory Bodies: Pharmacists are needed in hospitals to prescribe drugs or to sell them day and night to all the patients. Thus this job can also provide you with a good amount of money and a good strategic position in your organization.
  • Teaching: Bachelors in Pharmacy can also go for teaching in various colleges as a lecturer of Professor. Teaching is a good job, especially for women with Limited work and duration. It is one of the most sought after jobs in the pharmacy career.
  • Government Sector Jobs: Many vacancies are released in the government sector for a pharmacist who can apply by appearing in the examinations taken and qualifying it. The exams are conducted by the state and the central government.

Salary of various jobs after doing Bachelors in Pharmacy:

The salary of the bachelor’s

  • in pharmacy, degree holder depends upon what organization is he associated with!? B pharm does provide you with a handsome amount of money to start your career with and live an average life. In the Government sector, people who are employed under the research and development department get an initial payment of 10 000 – 12000 each month.
  • If you work as a teacher in any college, then your starting pay will be around 10000 but will increase later according to your post and as per the norms of the Indian government.
  • In private organizations, people get a minimum of 12000 at the start of their career which generally increases with experience and can get you approx ten lacs or more per annum for five years of experience in this field.

So, all the B. Pharm aspirants, if you are already into or completed with your degree go for the above-mentioned jobs as they will give you a good living in the future. Moreover, if you try for a job in foreign, then this pay gets doubled provided you have the skills required in this industry.

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