Best Country for Doing MBA

Best Country for Doing MBA

MBA is one of the most popular and widely sought after programs after graduation. Perhaps the reason why the MBA is so popular is because of the better career opportunities that it provides in aspects of career growth and remuneration. An MBA course opens up various avenues of exposure and helps in creating a network of professionals. Not only does an MBA equip you with the requisite skills to ensure the smooth functioning of a business organization, but it also encourages one to venture out and establishing organizations of their own. For those planning to make the most of their MBA degree, the following countries serve as attractive destinations. 


Canada ranks number 1 with Indian students when it comes to choosing the best MBA destination. Canada not only has some very highly accredited and sought after universities but is economically quite feasible for most students. Canada has a strong economic backdrop with industries like agriculture, manufacturing, and mining taking precedence. These industries provide a vast array of employment opportunities after the completion of an MBA program.

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is every banker’s dream consisting of some of the world’s finest banking institutions. Top MBA graduates from all over the world find their calling in the top banking firms present in the United Kingdom. Most business schools in the United Kingdom accept GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS scores. Most of the UK universities are also equipped with very well developed internship programs to ensure that the graduates are always industry ready and gain sufficient exposure.


Germany has evolved a lot from the past couple of decades, opening up to new cultural influences and thereby offering a multitude of university courses in English. This has directly led to a growth spurt in the number of students interested in pursuing an MBA from Germany. Not only does Germany have one of the most robust economies in the entire European continent but also provides extremely high salaries for most of their MBA graduates. Most universities in Germany get around 70% enrolment thanks to foreign students which comprises of many Indians as well.

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Australian universities provide MBA degrees that have global recognition and equip their graduates with enough skill sets to compete in the global scenario. The cost of living in Australia is comparatively more affordable than that of the UK and the USA. Many Australian universities provide excellent courses that cater to a wide variety of interests while being a good source of employment in its highly developed economy.


Singapore is another country that has been garnering a lot of attention from Indian students in the past couple of years. Not only is Singapore located in the prime Asia Pacific region but is one of the fastest-growing economies backed by high rates of development and excellent infrastructure. Since the cost of living in Singapore can provide a bit of a hassle, the programs offer quite a lot of flexibility which enables students to work simultaneously while pursuing their degree.

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