Best Event Management Companies in India

Best Event Management Companies in India

The event management industry has fully-fledged immensely in the last few decades. There has been an incredible increase in the event management segment, and many companies have drawn closer.
It’s very tough to select the best event management companies in India, as all the companies are remarkable and very competitive. Few of them are listed below-

  • WIZCRAFT “ It is one of the most alleged entertainment management companies. They are enhancing every year to prove their originality not only in India but also worldwide.
  • TAFCON “ Tafcon manage trade fair, exhibitions and conferences, marketing trade fairs, promotional activities, and development of publicity. They have also organized travel tourism and hospitality expo and many other government events. It has its headquarters in Delhi. It has become one of the leading event management companies in recent times.
  • CINEYUG “ It manages the concerts, large scale awards shows, arena events, corporate events, brand networking.
  • PROCAM RUNNING “ They organize marathon all over India. They have organized a marathon for Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, TCS Bangalore, and many more.
  • PERCEPT “ This Company organizes one of the coolest EDM in India. They also arrange stage shows, brand promotion, wedding management, Mrs. World pea gent, product launches. In recent years they have won many prizes for their scholarly properties and events.
  • SERMON “ Its headquarters are in Bangalore. This event management company was set up in 1996. They assist in product launches, conferences, audio shows, international conferences, hospitality events, seminars, golf events, exhibitions, laser shows. This company has worked with many telecom and manufacturing companies also.
  • WOW EVENTS “ The Company was set up in the year 2004. It has a good knowledge of product launches. To date, it has commenced many products by companies such as Hitachi, Orient, G five, Jaypee Cement, and Ultratech Cement.
  • DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd “ It has its headquarters in Bangalore but has many branches in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Hyderabad. It has a great work of organizing international and domestic concerts, coordinate advertising, and production of the television special, event production development, and manufacture of quality commodities.

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