Billboard Advertising

Billboard Advertising

A billboard is also known as hoardings is an outdoor advertisement, usually found at the top of selected market areas and in areas of heavy traffic and on the roadside to show ads to momentary mass and attract motorists, showing humorous sayings and characteristic visuals. Billboard advertisements are considered to grasp a person’s mind and make an unforgettable impression rapidly, leaving the reader assessment about the ad after they have driven past it. They have to be understandable in a very short time because they are usually read while being passed at a lofty pace.

Billboards have verified over time to turn into one of the most flourishing advertising standards for consumers on the go because they are basically inescapable.
The function of billboard advertising is to engage as many people as they can to build awareness among them and also advertising the products for some companies. According to the study done, it was found that billboard advertisement was effective as many people learned about the event that was shown on the billboard and was visited by many people after viewing it along the roadside.


  • Can produce an instant increase in sales of products.
  • Excellent at presenting easy, an uncomplicated post that most consumers can easily interpret.
  • Able to reaching large and varied spectators, as they are usually placed at large public locations.
  • Viewers will have to keep their eye on the roads and will hence necessarily come across such advertisements.
  • Billboard advertisement brings a low cost per impression even expensive one can bring low cost if a large number of people see it.


  • Sometimes billboard advertisements are confined to only a few words; such concise messages might not be sufficient for sales as consumers yearn for more relevant information.
  • These are motionless objects that require consumers to rely on their recollect capacity. Whereas in online ads consumers can reappear the ads and can read in their spare time.
  • Can become exposed to outdoor elements, like bad weather conditions for a long time.

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