All you need to know about BioTechnology

All you need to know about BioTechnology

You guys must have heard about biotechnology before but do you know what biotech is and what it comprises of. Well, this article is going to give you a brief intro of the same. Biotechnology is a highly growing field of work nowadays, its growth in India is a little slow, but the future for biotechnology is safe out here because there are going to be numerous career options in this field within few years. A biotechnologist is none other than a biologist with an engineering degree, well that we can say in layman terms, but a biotechnologist is an engineer only in the field of biology.

Biotechnology is one of the most rapidly emerging fields in India. People are getting employment in this sector because of new industries, factories, and research laboratories being opened every day. New innovations and experiments for the production of highly modified stuff are being done for the welfare of normal people.
No doubt due to good resources and infrastructure, the scope of biotechnology is very high in developed countries but the market for the use of such products in developing countries is also very good thus India too has potential employment services if taken deep into account.

New researchers are being made every day in this field which comes up with an innovation of using technology in biology which can help many in the future. So, let us first know what Biotechnology is?
It is the field the use of biological beings, organisms, or its components is done to make a product for specific use by the common people. There are various examples of biotechnology being used in the past to make some useful products for the use of mankind.

There are two ways by which anybody can take a degree in biotechnology first being the Bachelor in science or B.Sc. and secondly Bachelors in technology or B. Tech. Such graduates have a very good and promising future depending on what field they choose. Different fields in biotech are Microbiology, food technology, genomics, etc.
After you get admission in any college, depending on what degree you choose your further career or jobs depends on it. Like doing B.Sc. will open doors for research in this field or being a lecturer but doing means having an engineering degree and puts more importance on the technical aspects.

Some of the Biotechnology: 

Penicillin: It is one of the most important discoveries made in this field, where usage of an organism like mold is done for the benefit of mankind. Penicillin is the first antibiotic made used for antibacterial infections in human beings and has a great market demand now.
GENE THERAPY: is another technique being discovered to treat various genetic disorders that are caused by genes that are non-functional. In this method substitution of the human genetic part is done by a specific gene from another organism and making new genes are done to make a new product that can treat or do the required function.

Career opportunities in Biotechnology

Graduates in biotech have a very bright future as there are vast varieties of career opportunities in this field. India is one of the hotspots for biotech researchers and markets; it has brought many appreciable growths in the field of agriculture and marine and food production and in the health care sector.
For any BSc graduates, Biotechnology is a research-oriented field; they can go for government-funded research organizations. Technical writing in this field is also trending these years or higher studies like doing M.Sc. or Ph.D. can be worth it. Because of the new innovations every day in this field, there is a great need for revolutionary reforms in various areas like food production, medicines, etc. where a great demand of scientists and researchers are presently giving employment to many students out there in this field.
For any graduates, the need for engineers in various types of markets like Pharmaceuticals sectors, Food industries, healthcare, chemical industries, is very high. They want biotech professionals who can work as production engineers or quality analyst in there industries and also give a good paycheck. students can also move to abroad for higher doctorate studies or can do an MBA to make a career in finance and business.

Biotechnology as an Ethical Threat

Nowadays many scientists have raised questions against biotechnology being a threat to mankind, the usage of many organisms for the benefit of the human race can have consequences and unwanted effects in the long term. It is very necessary that the innovations in this field should be properly tested and analyzed before being allowed to be used openly by the whole population.
Government tests and trials are the necessary measures that should be taken before the release of biotechnological products which help in ensuring that these products are safe for the general use and do not poses any harmful effect to the market place.
There are many questions being raised on the genetically altered crops which are grown in the fields by farmers for preventing pests and saving the time of the farmers. These crops can put ecological impact as they can be interpreted with the local crops and produce a different variant in the field hampering the present status of ecology.
Genetically modified foods and meats are there in the market which is lab-made or processed. They can imply some effects on the body as it’s not used to such a modified variant of foods. This eating such different materials can have a change in the body in the long term if it is not tested and verified.

What are the advantages of Biotechnology?

Like a coin, everything has its two sides, as we discussed the threat and potential disadvantage of biotech it surely has advantages also which we can’t ignore. Few of them are listed below :

  • Its products are helping to eradicate or reduce many infectious diseases by modified medicines.
  • It gives various ways to treat diseases to minimize health risks and side effects individually as person to person.
  • It has also helped in diagnosing diseases in individuals through its new modalities.
  • It has decreased waste generation and the overuse of resources present.
  • It has reduced the use of chemicals and pesticides in crops which caused pollution.

Following are the few top companies which Hire Biotechnologists in their firm:

  • Biogenic
  • C camp
  • Thapar group
  • Hindustan Lever
  • Hindustan antibiotics
  • Piramal group of industries
  • Genentech
  • Cell works research 

Many other companies are there which are not listed here but give you a good job with a nice amount of paycheck. So if you want to join this field, you can go out to get an undergraduate degree and get yourself into research or can go for the postgraduate course and enlist in a good MNC on your capabilities.

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