BSc Computer Science

BSc Computer Science

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or only Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) is an undergraduate bachelor’s course aimed to teach theory and evolution of computers and computation. It is similar to a B.Tech or B.E course for computer science engineering. But unlike the engineering counterpart, BCS is generally a 3-year course that teaches the theory of computation, core concepts such as compiler design, algorithms, and also practical subjects such as web technologies, software engineering, etc. It also teaches mathematics and statistics that are required for research and further understanding of computer science in general.
Although BCS is thought of to be inferior to a B.Tech or B.E course in computer science, it is only because of the duration. While Engineering courses are four years or 8 semesters long, BCS is generally three years or 6 semesters long. To bridge this duration, some colleges in India have started Honorary BSc degrees in various fields including computer science. These honorary courses last a year longer and require the student to specialize in a field. As far as computer science is concerned, these specialization topics include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, and many more.

The eligibility criteria for studying BCS in any college is generally the completion of 10+2 and qualifying the entrance exam such as JEE mains or state level competitive exams. The students are tested mainly on their mathematical and analytical skills which are essential aspects of computer science. Although honorary degrees might seem like a better option, not a lot of colleges offer such courses, and traditional BCS is still what the majority of the students take. It is also important to remember that there is a growing need for professionals with BCS degrees across the globe.

The curriculum of BCS teaches the students many essential topics of computer science such as the Theory of Computation, Algorithm Design, and Analysis, Systems design, Software Engineering, Database Management, Programming, etc. It is divided into three semesters; each semester comprises of a multitude of subjects that range from simple mathematics to algorithm design. It balances both the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. Although BCS doesn’t offer any course specialization like its honorary counterpart, it requires a student to do some practical work, generally through an internship.

There is a growing need for BCS undergraduates in many companies. A lot of BCS graduates are hired every year, and this is a good sign for the industry. Some of the positions held by BCS graduates are Systems analyst, Database Manager, Database Admin, Software Engineer, Web Specialist, etc. The scope of future studies after this degree is also high. One can pursue a master’s degree after three years of BCS course while it takes four years for B.Tech or B.E students. This gives a lot of scope for individuals who want to complete their masters as soon as they can.

Many MNCs are hiring BCS graduates every day. The Computer Industry is not going to go down. But, an Honorary degree is more useful as the extra year is spent on specializing in an industry hot topic such as Machine Learning which makes way for better job opportunities and research. The traditional BCS course is still quite popular and on-demand and one must choose the college to pursue the degree as it affects the future opportunities of the student a lot.

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