Cambridge IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE for short is an English based exam taken by many students of secondary education all around the world. It is an international certificate for secondary education. It is similar to GCSE is England or CBSE in India but is far more recognized around the world. The board controlling the curriculum, exam, and everything about IGCSE is the IGCSE board. IGCSE is conducted by two bodies, namely: Edexcel and Cambridge. Both offer the course in slightly different versions. The Cambridge IGCSE is more popular around the world than the Edexcel version, which is more prevalent in the UK as Edexcel is also responsible for conducting the GCSE exams for schools in the UK.

Cambridge IGCSE is the most popular international qualification for 9th and 10th graders. It is recognized worldwide by many prestigious and leading universities. It was developed over 30 years ago by Cambridge University. There is even a recognition database of all the universities that accept Cambridge IGCSE as a degree. These universities are plenty. In the US alone, there are over 600 universities that accept this qualification. The leading universities around the world such as MIT, Stanford, Oxford recognize the certificate, and this is very good because this means IGCSE is recognized almost everywhere around the world.

The perks of Cambridge IGCSE being the most popular school qualification around the world are countless but, many are hesitant to enroll their child in this program because there is a long-held belief that IGCSE is too tough or hard for ordinary students. This is in part true and almost a decade ago; the IGCSE was considered to be equivalent to O level examination, which is higher than GCSE. But, due to worldwide acceptance and recognition, many changes have been made to this program to make it more student-friendly. It is still one of the most comprehensive courses out there, and one might find it interesting that there are only a handful of schools in India offering this certification to its students. This is mainly due to the fact mentioned above that many people think IGCSE is too hard to crack and go for a traditional board like the CBSE. But, this misconception is changing fast, and the increasing number of students are joining the IGCSE schools in India.

Cambridge IGCSE is generally seen as the Standard IGCSE. The other significant variant is the Edexcel IGCSE which is only prevalent in the UK and other parts of Europe. The intriguing thing about the Cambridge IGCSE is that it is offered by Cambridge, one of the leading institutes all around the world. Cambridge is one of the oldest universities there is and it has a lot of history filled with educational reforms and shaping creative innovators. For this reason, Cambridge IGCSE has an edge over other certifications when it comes to future education. As it is more comprehensive, it also imparts a better understanding of the subject and creative subjects such as art and dance are very crucial to IGCSE because it wants the all-round development of the student. Cambridge IGCSE is the board to choose for students who are interested in exploring, inventing, and creating better futures in academia or outside.

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