Ideal Stream to choose after 10th Boards

Ideal Stream to choose after 10th Boards

Are you done with your 10th Boards and taking the first bold step towards your career? If yes, we assume you’re already bombarded with a dozen of Free Advice from people you don’t know. Perhaps, you have even received phone calls from distant relatives and neighbors you never knew existed. They might have successfully helped you with their opinionated views on how taking up Science or Commerce is your only way to sail through life if you want to be successful. Did they also tell you how your life will be doomed forever if even think of taking up anything except what they just suggested (wink-wink)?

The situation looks familiar, doesn’t it? Well, it is always best to consult an expert who can help you see the bigger picture. Someone who knows what all career options can be taken up once you’re done with your studies. On top of it, if you’ve already made your mind on the choice of subject, it is even better to explore the opportunities that come along with the subject. Now that you’re already done with 10th Boards, its time to grab some popcorn and coffee as you take a stroll and unbox the surprises different streams bring to you.

Debunk the Myth: 

  • There exists no ideal stream that a student should take up post their secondary school, i.e., class 10th. Also, there is absolutely no stream that would doom your life or shut the doors to success. So if anyone tells you that taking a particular subject would limit your options go ahead and tell them otherwise.

Humanities/ Arts

  • With the changing times, more and more students have shown interest in Humanities/ Arts. It is ideal for students who have a passion for literature and creative careers. Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Informatics Practices, History, Psychology, Philosophy, English, and Geography are some of the core subjects taught to students who take up Arts or Humanities. If you’ve ever wanted to be a Historian, Designer, or Journalist, you know what stream you should sign up for.
        ✅ Teacher/university lecturer
        ✅ Printmaker 
        ✅ Arts administrator
        ✅ Animator
        ✅ Photographer 
        ✅ Illustrator
        ✅ Graphic Designer
        ✅ Writer
        ✅ Historian


  • Are you the one who loved playing number games as a kid? If so, commerce is all about mathematic calculations. If you ever wanted to become a Chartered Accountant, or Financial Planner or a Banker, you should consider taking Commerce after your 10th Boards. Some of the core subjects you study in this stream are Maths, Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Computers, and English.
        ✅ Accountant.
        ✅ Accountant Executive.
        ✅ Chartered Accountant.
        ✅ Company secretary.
        ✅ Cost Accountant.
        ✅ Finance Analyst.
        ✅ Finance Planner.
        ✅ Finance Manager.


  • Did you fancy machines as a kid or you were the one who imagined being a doctor? If so, taking up Science may look like a viable option for you. Students who want to dive-deep in subjects like Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Information Practices, Electronics should take up Science post their 10th Boards. Science opens numerous career options in the field of medicine, engineering, and more.
        ✅ Biochemist 
        ✅ Chemist. 
        ✅ Conservationist. 
        ✅ Environmental Scientist.
        ✅ Environmental Science and Protection Technician.
        ✅ Forensic Scientist. 
        ✅ Geoscientist. 
        ✅ Hydrologist.

Now that you know which of these streams pave your way to the career you want to pursue in the future, we hope you are no longer standing on Robert Frosts Crossroads. As you prepare to take up the first step towards your career, just remember, the ideal stream to take up post 10th Boards is the one that takes you to your dream career!

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