Career Chart After 10th

Career Chart After 10th

Choosing a career after 10th involves crucial decision-making processes, it is essential for a student to make an understandable career plan for a smooth way from school days to a happy professional life. After 10th for students, this phase appears as the most complex phase of their life with lots of doors opening to them and leading them to a different direction and different streams. Some students seek counselors’ advice to avail the right career so that they are not misled by the other options and choose their dream career according to their potency, skills, and weakness.

There are three main streams which student can select after 10th Standard:

    This stream is a vast field that offers many worthwhile career options after 12th standard. It is the top choice among the students after the 10th. It is also well known and many advise students to choose this stream because of the fact that it opens many career options of commerce as well as arts streams to students whereas commerce and arts students cannot purse science stream jobs. There are many optional subjects which students can opt like mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, computer science, electronics and many more. Students can opt for those subjects in which they are interested and which will lead them towards a blooming career.
    It is the second popular choice among students. Commerce stream offers the highest paying jobs like chartered accountant, financial advisor, banking, company secretaries, and many more. There are many subjects offered in commerce like economics, accountancy, business law, auditing, income tax, marketing, etc.
    This is the slightest preferred stream among the students after the 10th. arts offer many subjects to study such as sociology, history, literature, psychology, political science, philosophy, economics, and many more. This stream offers ample of job opportunities and exciting career options to students like they can become journalism, social worker, IAS, PCS, IFS officers.

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