Career in Fashion Designing

Career in Fashion Designing

Fashion designing is a course related to the designing of clothes and lifestyle accessories. Fashion designing nowadays is one of the most profitable, tempting, and sensational careers among students. The aspirant who has a fondness for creativity, good communication, ability to think into three dimensions, curiosity in sketching, durable, influential, goal-oriented, fashion mindful, visual mind’s eye, and business shrewdness.

MBA in Fashion Designing

There are various Career Options in Fashion Designing and one can opt for the following career as a Designer:

  • Fashion Designer- They manage firms, fashion houses. They are specialized in producing a certain type of clothes or according to the demand of the customer. They design clothes in a wide variety of styles and fabrics.
  • Makeup Artist- It is very important to the couple right makeup with the right outfit of a person. These artists are different from regular beauticians as they do not do the ordinary beauty treatments rather they do it magnificently. They are hired for big events to do the makeup of the celebrities, bridal, models, and pre-wedding photoshoot.
  • Textile Designer-Theses designers are responsible for designing 2D patterns, weave, and printed fabrics. A textile designer can work both independently or as part of some firm, working in a team. They make use of CAD to build up patterns and textures and with all new techniques and pioneering ideas.
  • Stylist:┬áIt the best as well as the toughest job for a designer. The stylish looks and suggests the kind of hairstyle, makeup, accessories, and overall look of the person. They are in great demand for organizing and creating events.
  • Retail Manager– A post as a retail manager in a fashion boutique or big brand showroom can be very pleasing. A retail manager is in charge of setting every day targets for its staff management. He can also serve as the head of the finance department in a small enterprise.
  • Jewelry Footwear Designer– As a fashion designer it also comes up to the jewelry and footwear concern. Being a footwear designer is a highly lucrative job as in today’s world as one can have enough footwear. I am being in such a job highly pleasurable.
  • Fashion Magazine/Fashion Blogger-If an aspirant has remarkable writing skills, they can pursue a career in writing for fashion journals or become a self-determining fashion blogger. There are several fashion magazines, who are always on the watch out for fresh new talent.
  • Fashion Model– A lot of fashion designers become models and tiring their own making. Self-assurance, qualities, and flamboyance are what you need to become one can become a freelance model or start working with an agency that will connect you to the best brands, designers, photographers, etc.

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