Top 10 Careers for Students in Medical Science

Top 10 Careers for Students in Medical Science

With the advancements going in the healthcare industry, there has been an increase in the number of career options in the medical sciences. Now, more than a dozen options are waiting to be explored in the real domain by the medical students. Students, who are taking medication in class 11, can look at some of the options that will be among the best careers to choose in the future.

  1. Physician Assistant
    While the world is facing a critical shortage of physician assistants, the demand for physician assistants has always been on a high rise. Going by the news, there will be approximately 40,000 vacancies in 2016-2026 in the US. To be a certified Physician Assistant, one might have to take a degree course and earn a license to practice as a Physician Assistant.
  2. Nurse Anesthetist
    To become an Anesthetist one might have to pursue a master’s in nursing specializing in anesthesiology and should obtain a year’s training experience. It is taken to be one of the highest paying jobs in the States. It is a must to have an Anesthetist during surgery that would be responsible for carrying out the process of giving anesthesia to a patient.
  3. Cardiovascular Technologist
    Going by the charts, one of the professions that would be on a rise shortly is of a Cardiovascular Technologist. To become a Cardiovascular Technologist, students might have to make sure they have a certificate from a registered institute.
  4. Physical Therapist
    If you hold a Doctoral of Physical Therapy, you might get into one of the top medical careers of all time. Physical Therapists help patients recover who have suffered a stroke or traumatic injuries.
  5. Respiratory Therapist
    With a growing number of respiratory diseases like asthma, people are continually looking for respiratory therapists for consultation. It is said to be one of the top 15 professions of the world and will only be in high demand in the future.
  6. Athletic Trainer
    Today, most educational institutions, sports clubs, and gyms require an athletic trainer to instruct and guide people from time to time. To become an athletic trainer, one would need to obtain a certificate and a license issued by the state. With more people taking up physical activities for active living, athletic trainers are currently in high demand.
  7. Orthopedist and Prosthetics
    Ranked 7th in the list of Best Health Care Support Jobs by U.S News, Orthopedist, and Prosthetics is responsible for providing supportive devices to patients with diabetes, heart diseases, or with artificial limbs. The professionals in the industry can be found working in the medical equipment manufacturing areas, personal care stores, etc.
  8. Audiologist
    With a severe shortage of audiologists in the healthcare domain, there are approximately 17,000 vacancies for audiologists in the States. People with some knowledge of technology and medical science are fit to get into this industry. They are responsible for providing solutions to people who are experiencing hearing loss or any other ear-related problems.
  9. Dental Hygienist
    With a growing number of people paying attention to their health and hygiene, a significant rise in jobs in this area is expected. It is anticipated that approximately another 40,000 vacancies for professionals in this domain by 2026 will arise. To become a Dental Hygienist in the future, you might need to earn a degree or a diploma before you start practicing.
  10. Dietitian and Nutritionist
    Today, nutrition is more than just the talk of protein and fat content of fruits and vegetables. People are now moving towards following specific diet charts that are prescribed to them based on their food preferences and medical history. With some employment opportunities that are available in different countries today, this field will only be on the rise in the future.

With these many options and more, students who have taken or are planning to seek medical in class 11 will only see more options adding to the list. They can explore the dynamic industry to see what they like the best.

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