Careers in Music | Various Fields

Careers in Music | Various Fields

Are you someone who is always humming the latest tunes or writing lyrics in your mind? Are you someone who waits minute by minute for the release of an album? Are you familiar with the names of all the national and international Singers? Well, if so, you are truly, madly and deeply in love with the music. And if you already know that, and that you are serious about making a career in the diverse industry, then you might want to explore the career options that brings you a step closer to what you love so deeply. While the music industry accounts for sales of more than $15 billion alone, you could make a very successful and sustainable career in the music industry. Here are some of the career options in the industry other than being a Singer. To take the following career paths, one doesn’t need to perfect their vocals, but yes, they need to know the fundamentals of music perfectly well. Here are some of the career options in the music industry one can explore-

  1. Music Teacher
    If you think you have mastered the art already, how about you share it with the aspiring musicians? If you like teaching and want to promote the exchange of knowledge, you can choose to be a music teacher. The market already faces a high demand and a sheer need for good music teachers is seen in schools and academies. Also, an aspiring music teacher can choose to take this up as a freelancing project in the meantime and can organize independent programs. A music teacher can teach students how they can perfect their vocals, or how to play an instrument.
  2. Disk Jockey (DJ)
    If you are someone who loves music and loves the way DJs make people dance and add life to dull parties, then probably you can think of becoming a DJ in the future. While you can be in the limelight at every party, you can enjoy, build a network with people and share a mutual love for the art of music.
  3. Music Therapist
    There is no doubt in the fact that music is a much-loved therapy. While many people find music soothing, calming, and therapeutic, it opens a new door to a great career opportunity for people who have an interest in music. Music Therapists help people manage their stress and pain and help them find emotional support in the power of music. Music therapists can take sessions at hospitals, agencies, private institutes, rehab centers, nursing homes, and schools.
  4. Music Journalist
    Have you always been curious to know about the latest albums releases? If you’ve been someone who looks up-to news to keep themselves updated on what’s going on in the music industry, you can probably think of working at one of the media firms as a Music Journalist. You can write for music magazines, cover events and concerts and write about them in different media houses. Or, if you like, you can even be a blogger with music as the core niche of their blog.
  5. Lyricist
    Are you in love with the art of writing and feel that words can do magic? If so, how about you write the lyrics of the songs? Lyrics add power to a song, and it is an essential aspect of music. If you feel that you have a knack for poetry and becoming a lyricist could be an option, then be assured that it is one of the most lucrative career options in the music industry.
  6. Recording Engineer
    If you love technology and music equally, then becoming a recording engineer could be one of the career options for you. Recording engineers handle production and post-production while they record, edit and mix tunes and turn them into the final product which is later delivered to the masses.
  7. Own a Music Franchise
    Are you someone who has always aimed to become an entrepreneur? Do you love making sound investments that bring you even better returns? Well, if so, you can perhaps own a music franchise!
    There are many music franchises in the market in which you can either investor you can choose to buy them. No doubt, this would bring you closer to your passion for music while you can stay connected to your dream of being an entrepreneur.

While the hugely diverse industry invites professionals from different backgrounds, something common amongst all of them is their love and passion for music. So if you want to make a career in music that has good job prospects while it connects you with the art, you can explore the career mentioned above paths, and that makes a brilliant career in the music industry.

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