Career in Nature Psychology

Career in Nature Psychology

A career in Nature Psychology is one of the best careers you can have. There are several roles you can pursue in a Nature Psychology career. Such as:

  • As environmental Planner
    One of the important careers in nature psychology is in metropolitan development. Nature psychologists will in general work for the city, state, government agencies to trim down the impact of construction on the environment. They will meet the client and will have travel sites often. They will urge the government to grant building permits in certain locations. Environmental planner cans also work in engineering as well as in architectural firms.
  • As a Professor
    After doing a Ph.D. in nature psychology, one can lead to pursuing a career as a professor in Degree College those who are interested in teaching. Being a nature psychology professor he/she will have to create their lectures for students, assignments and will have to guide them for other career options in nature psychology. Professor will have to stay tuned with all discoveries made in his field of psychology by performing various activities such as attending seminars and reading and writing.
  • As Climate Psychologist
    These psychologists are concerned about how the human affect the climate and how they should promote new and better environmental ideas among the mass both at personal as well as government level. They try to incubate new techniques among the people regarding nature (recycling of goods) and work on various strategies that can make a better environment for people to live in.
  • As Nature Therapist
    A good career can be made in green therapy i.e. nature therapy. These therapists focus on the counseling of a person with environment-related practice, as one is very much connected to the mother earth so it can improve the mental health of a person by taking a walk in free space. The therapist deals directly with the client. According to one of the psychological studies, it was found that mental illness, the stress of a person is reduced by taking a walk along with nature and is filled with enthusiasm and optimistic feelings.
  • As a Researcher
    They gather and examine the data to increase our perceptive on various investigated topics.
    As a market research analyst.

A person having a degree in nature psychology can go for becoming a market research analyst where he will have to work with the companies and will have to find out what makes customer purchase products in their store, they keep on analyzing it and later on help in creating review marketing campaigns and help influence clients to take part in environment-related initiatives.

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