Career in Psychology in India

Career in Psychology in India

Armed with a flurry of new technology, lifestyle-induced stress, and a lot of socioeconomic pressure induced by society, it is safe to say that mental health is indeed a matter of grave concern that needs to be addressed in today’s society. With more and more emphasis being laid out on mental well being along with physical health, it is safe to say that the need for a sufficient number of clinically certified psychologists is on the rise. It is a lucrative career option that provides a vast amount of exposure and has tremendous potential for the coming future.

The first step towards a career in psychology would involve getting an undergraduate program in psychology from a vast array of colleges interspersed around the country. The admission process most likely involves getting selected through various exams each of which might vary from university to university. The program is a 3-year course and consists of various segments such as General Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, along with some introductory courses in statistics and Physiology. It is also recommended that students have a basic understanding of biology and human anatomy.
After completion of an undergraduate program, one might need to opt for universities that offer comprehensive postgraduate programs in Psychology. Some of the most commonly selected specializations include Organizational Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Applied Psychology. One can also opt for special additional courses such as Research Methodology, Neuropsychology, Counseling, Psychological Assessments, Personality Theories, Jungian Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Forensic Psychology, Advertising, Labor Laws, and Consumer Behavior, etc. Like most other postgraduate courses it is for a duration of 2 years. The program also entails that you finish an internship of roughly a month in duration and might also involve a dissertation.
The last step in the process of becoming a clinically certified psychologist would be the completion of a Ph.D. program. If you opt for an M.Phil in Psychology ensure that the institute of your choice is certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India. The duration of this program runs for about 2 years and involves direct involvement in a psychiatric hospital with segmentation in in-patient, out-patient, male, female, de-addiction, child psychology, psychotherapy, brain imaging, etc. This program will equip you with sufficient skills and hands down experience when it comes to dealing with patients in real life.

However, it is important to realize that this career option is not for everyone and not for the weak-willed. If you’re passionate about the field as a whole and you believe you are well prepared to handle the different facets of human behavior than this would be the right fit for you. Clinical psychology is a highly rewarding career that often leads to the practitioner making an actual impact on the lives of their patients. Given the emotional pressures that people have been facing over the past couple of decades, one can assume that the demand for good clinical psychologists is steadily on the rise to cater to the growing base of patients.

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