Career in Social Psychology

Career in Social Psychology

The common stigma attached to psychology is gradually diminishing. Although we have a long way to go, yet a large part of the population prefers to speak about such a taboo topic. This has opened door to conversations that have proved to be a good time for psychologists proving them to do something good for the society at large.

Clinical Setup:

  • Psychologists work with patients suffering from mental health problems. One needs to have a master’s degree, M-Phil from RCI recognized institute is compulsory.
    Expected Starting Salary: 25k to 40k

Organizational Setup :

  • Before recruitment, all the big companies conduct psychometric assessments to check the suitability of the candidate. This is made by psychometricians.
  • Psychometricians also take care of the training & development of the employees.
  • Expected initial salary: 35k to 40k

Health & Welfare:

  • Counselors take care of individuals who are suffering from life-threatening diseases who go through mental trauma.
    Expected initial salary: 25k to 30k

Social work:

  • Counselors are employed in NGOs and the corporate social responsibility sector for social welfare projects. You can join NGO according to your interest and the age group you wish to work with.

School Counselor: 

  • Every school has a counselor and their responsibility is to take care of the emotional needs of the students.

Researcher :

  • A lot of times public or private organizations hire psychologists to research various topics like the behavioral pattern, thought process, and feelings of humans for the people in general.

Book Writer :

  • Book writing is quite a lucrative platform for them. If nothing just to educate people book is a great medium.

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