Career Options after B.Sc. Biotechnology

There are career options after B.Sc. Biotechnology, the immediate openings after one complete his/her graduation in biotechnology are in the field of academics or their core field. Apart from biotechnology the sister fields that walks in hand with Biotechnology are subjects like Biochemistry, Genetic Engineering, and many others.

  • If you want to pursue a career as an academician in biotechnology after completion of graduation, you need to immediately pursue a Masters’s degree. You need to meet a minimum cut off and sit for exams like CSR UGC NET and fulfill your dream of becoming an academician, lecturer, or further on go on to be a junior researcher. The stipend that the Government provides is up-to 40,000/-.
  • After completion of post-graduation, you can go on to be an associate professor and earn up to 1 lac.
  • Immediately after graduation if you want to opt for a core field industrial job you can get a job in various industries like the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, food and drug institute, chemical industry.
  • In a Private-Sector Job, you can earn for about 12,000/- to 30,000/- per month. The rise in pay occurs with growth inexperience. The various openings that one gets in the private sector is as an engineer in pharmacy, cosmetics, agriculture, and lab technician.
  • Whereas in the public sector you can earn for about 15,000/- to 50,000/- and get a joining a health analyst, food and drug analyst, chemical analyst, genetic counselor, or epidemiologist.
  • There are also several openings in the Central Drug Research Institute that serve the government and helps in the advancement of biotechnology. Similarly, various public hospitals hire graduates in biotechnology as microbiologists or genetic counselors.

Biotechnology is an applied field of life sciences and there’s a gradual rise in India. Various cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies invest a lot in the advancement of this subject as a whole. This subject has the potential to manifest energies and management of science and cell biology together and bring a change in science to touch upon several lives and change our living

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