Careers in Photography

Careers in Photography

With advancements in media and technology, Photography has become more than just a hobby. Today, it has become one of the most loved unconventional career options for all age groups. The career that perfectly blends creativity and technology is now attracting thousands of people who are enrolling in professional courses to learn the art of photography. Nowadays, professional photographers are in high demand for numerous reasons making it one of the most viable career options in 2019. To become a professional photographer, candidates would have to pursue a diploma or certificate course, after they complete their high school. These days, lots of schools also teach photography as a vocational subject. If you want to make a career in photography, you must check out some of the areas in which professional photographers have specialized.

  1. Portrait Photographer
    You’d come across portrait photographers at every event. From school assemblies to weddings, portrait photographers are in high demand to capture memories. They may work with a team of photographers, or they might have a studio with several other portrait photographers where they work independently.
  2. Commercial Photography
    Commercial Photographers specialize in taking pictures of corporate usage. These photographs are often taken for advertisements, catalogs, brand-decks, websites, and more. Commercial photographers click photos of products and merchandise, employees, buildings, and more. Commercial Photography is one of the most lucrative options to explore related to photography.
  3. Scientific Photographer
    Much like the name goes, this photography is slight. It involves recording experiments and bringing them to life with the use of technology. Scientific Photographers often use different techniques and types of equipment to carry out their operations. Some of the methods used are micrography, infrared photography, and underwater photography. Scientific Photographers mostly work at government agencies, research institutes, and universities.
  4. News Photographers
    Photojournalists or News Photographers often work for media houses. They specialize in capturing photographs taken for newspapers, magazines, and other publications. Apart from being good with photography, they must be great storytellers. These stories can be conveyed merely by photographs or could be backed with illustrations. Photojournalists and news photographers cover different events in media, sports, politics, and court proceedings.

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Another type of photojournalism involves nature and wildlife photography. Much distant like news photography, this consists of visiting forests, hill stations, and all the areas rich in flora and fauna. They might as well have to wait for a perfect time or animals while taking the images which are later published in magazines or newspapers.

  • Freelance Photographer
    Currently, Freelance Photography is booming since more and more people are taking up projects in their meantime. They have the luxury to be their boss and do not need to depend on the staff members to carry out operations. Along with this, freelance photographers can also take up different projects where they test their skills and see in which area they would want to specialize in the future. Although looking for new projects might be difficult in the beginning, freelances might have a lot of fun while working on a variety of projects.

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Some photographers like to explore a variety of areas while some want to specialize in one domain. Photographers might need to go beyond just taking images or owning a collection of the lens. They would also need to work on different software programs that would help them edit an image to perfection. Even though it might seem very easy, it is always recommended to learn the nitty-gritty of Photography before one starts practicing Photography.

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