Which Is Better CBSE or ICSE?

Which Is Better CBSE or ICSE?

If you are a parent then you must have been familiar with this dilemma that ensues once your child reaches the age deemed suitable for schooling. With a multitude of institutions existing to cater to the needs of both these boards no wonder, it can often pose a tough and critical choice for most. Not only is a good quality education deemed necessary, but also keeping in mind the future opportunities that will open up once the child graduates is an important part of the decision making the process. Parents are also concerned when it comes to the push that these boards would provide their children when it comes to competitive exams.
Both these boards are divided into three categories ranging from primary, secondary to the senior secondary levels. Both these boards aim at providing good quality education along with the overall growth and development of the child. CBSE or the Central Board of Secondary Education is charged with the responsibility of providing education for all private and public schools that fall under the control of the Union Government. CBSE also includes all the Kendriya Vidyalayas and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas. CBSE generally conducts its 10th and 12th board exams in March and CBSE’s main goal when it comes to students’ is to provide an all-round growth of the child along with much emphasis being laid on character building and cultural growth.

The ICSE or Council of Indian School Certificate Examinations was set up in 1958 with the aim of providing good quality education across national level private schools. Like the CBSE, ICSE is responsible for conducting its 10th and 12th standard board examinations. The main goal of this board was to meld together principles from the Cambridge School Certificate Examinations and change it slightly to cater to the Indian student populace. The main motive of the council is to serve the children of India and provide a good platform for their future endeavors.

Coming to differences between CBSE and ICSE, both the boards have a strict selection criterion and CBSE generally prefers students who have completed their 10th standard in the CBSE medium of studying prior to joining the board to pursue their 12th standard. CBSE makes it slightly easier for students to crack entrance exams while the ICSE examinations focus a lot more on the technical facets of education like lab work. CBSE follows a more organized structure while the ICSE board is generally more detail-oriented. Coming to the syllabus, CBSE puts a major emphasis on Science and Mathematics along with a rather balanced collection of science, arts, and humanities. ICSE, on the other hand, encourages its students to opt for subjects like Literature and Journalism. ICSE also lays a lot of focus on arts and language-related subjects. It has been found that CBSE students find it easier to perform in conventional routes of higher education such as All India Entrance Examinations whereas ICSE students have an advantage when it comes to exams dealing with entrance into foreign programs and non-engineering and medical field.

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