CFA Scholarship

CFA Scholarship

CFA stands for Chartered Financial Analyst. Founded in the year 1947, it is a non-profitable association of investment professionals. It provides continuing education seminars, publications conferences, and webcasts to all of the members and participants to stay on the current development in the investment industry.


  • Must have at least one of the following:
  • Bachelor’s degree or any other equivalent program.
  • Must be a final year student in the Bachelor’s degree or any other equivalent program.
  • Have gained Professional Experience over the years. Part-timers won’t be allowed.
  • Must have an international travel passport.
  • Must be prepared for exams. (Exams will only be in English)
  • Must meet the professional conduct admission criteria (must complete a professional conduct statement form)
  • Live in a participating country. (There are some countries CFA Is not compatible with)

Candidates can avail of only one scholarship per academic year. All of the CFA Program registration fees are not refundable. If any student who has applied for the scholarship while their application is pending for that year, they will have to demonstrate their ability to pay for the CFA.

AICTE Gate Scholarship

This scholarship has four schemes under it:

ACCESS Scholarship:

This scholarship will be awarded by December 1st. The exam registration fee is USD 250. The financial background of the student will be considered. Other contributing facts to the selection include how far the student has been able to overcome his problems, contributions to the local government, The student’s interest in CFA, etc. The applications will be reviewed by CFA Institute and a local CFA Institute member living in the closest proximity to the student. The official may conduct reference checks or personal interviews.

Vidyasaraathi Scholarship

Women’s Scholarship :

This scholarship has been awarded for the December exam. Applications will be accepted from June 2020. The women who are interested in earning the CFA charter, do not qualify for the CFA scholarships. The exam registration fee is USD 350.

Professor’s Scholarship :

This scholarship will be awarded in December. Applicants will be accepted from February if their exam is in June and in September if the exam is in December. Only the full-time college/ university professors or administrators /department heads are eligible.
The application will be evaluated based on the fact that the applicant has to teach a recognized school and should be a full-time professor within a minimum of six credit hours per quarter or semester at one college.


Must be an administrator /department head teaching a minimum of three hours per quarter or semester at a college/university.

Student Scholarship:

This scholarship is to apply for in February in case of an exam in June or in August if the exam in the December exam. The exam registration fee is USD 350. Three student scholarships are granted to each Affiliated University per year.

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The application process is online and is simple. Other details are provided on their official portal.

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