The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations or CISCE is an education council of India. It conducts the ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education) which is equivalent to CBSE. Although ICSE is not recognized by the Indian government like CBSE, both are globally equal; in fact, many different school boards have acknowledged that CISCE exams are equivalent to their high school examinations. CISCE affiliated schools in India are plenty and are known for imparting quality education to the students. CISCE curriculum is far more sophisticated and demands a deeper understanding of the subject that CBSE syllabus.

There was an all India Certificate Examinations Conference held under the chairmanship of the then Education Minister of India, Maulana Abul Kalam Azad. The agenda of the conference was to find a suitable replacement for The Cambridge School Certificate Examination after Independence, and this set the agenda for the establishment of CISCE. It was registered in December of 1967 as a society. The council’s website is It provides a lot of information about the council and the examinations. The website claims that the aim of the council is to serve the nation’s children through high-quality educational endeavors, empowering them to contribute towards a humane, just and pluralistic society. Apart from ICSE, the CISCE conducts other examinations as well. The examinations conducted by CISCE are:

    This is the most popular of the exams conducted by CISCE. It is for the 10th class and can be widely seen among many popular Indian schools.
    It is the Indian School Certification exam. It is conducted in the medium of English and is to be taken after two years of studies beyond ICSE or its equivalent examination.
  3. THE C.V.E (YEAR 12)
    The certificate of Vocational Education (CVE-12) has been created as an examination through the recommendations of MHRD. It must also be taken after two years of studies beyond ICSE or its equivalent through the medium of English.
    The above are the main examinations conducted by the CISCE. It also conducts All India Inter-School Creative Writing Competitions to bring out the creativity in the students and nourish a well-rounded education among students.

Apart from India, the CISCE is also recognized in Dubai, Sharjah, Singapore, and Indonesia. It is the fastest-growing Indian Education Council and is seen highly among Indian students as it provides a lot of opportunities for students to grow in all the aspects even after education. Some see the CISCE syllabus as too deep or hard, but for the students who are interested to learn every topic in-depth, CISCE offers wonderful facilities to accommodate them. There have been advancements in teaching methodologies of both CISCE and CBSE with respect to technology as most schools recognized under CISCE offer digital teaching to students. CISCE is known for schools with digital savvy teaching and has helped students find new avenues and career prospects in the future.

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