Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students

Cost of Living in Canada for Indian Students

For any student who wants to pursue masters or higher degrees abroad, Canada is one of the most sought after nations. Canada has it all, free healthcare, less crime, more tolerance, and whatnot. It is one of the most peaceful nations and has tons of great institutions for students from all around the world. One thing that baffles most students who want to study abroad is the cost of living in the country. In a country like the US, the college tuition itself is very high. So, it becomes increasingly hard for students to concentrate on money while they have to work part-time to pay their bills. Canada has an advantage in this matter because the tuition fee in Canada is lower than most of the countries as most institutions in Canada are government colleges.

Although foreigners have to pay more fees than Canadians, it is still less compared to other countries’ fee structure. Add scholarships and/or financial assistance to the list and the cost of living in Canada becomes much cheaper than most developed countries. The general tuition fee is around CA $18,000 to CA $22,000 for any college in Canada. The accommodation costs around CA $8,000. While in the US, the neighbor of Canada, it costs significantly higher. Housing is surely something one has to be wary of in Canada; generally, for students, college hostels are more convenient as the housing market is booming in Canada at this moment.

Healthcare is very expensive in Canada for international students. Hence, every student is advised to apply for health insurance. Some universities make it mandatory for students to have health insurance. TOEFL is the exam taken by many students for studying in Canada. The fee for TOEFL is around 12,000 INR. But, if the TOEFL rank is high, the student will most probably get scholarships and has a higher chance of getting financial assistance. Indians are the most populated international students in Canada. Part of the appeal of studying in Canada is the good relationship that the Indian government has with the Canadian government. The transition is also smoother compared to other countries for this reason.

The highest cost of living in Canada is recorded in Ontario and areas near it. Suburbs such as Toronto also require more money to live. Many international students take up part-time jobs for earning their living. Paid internships also help international students in Canada. It is estimated that international students studying in Canada can work up to 20 hours a week to meet their living costs. While in contrast to a country like the US, this seems like a cheaper option, it is important to remember that not all colleges in Canada are worth the effort. Education in Canada is surely great but has a lot of room for improvement. Canadian Visa is easier to get in India. There are some rules to be followed, and the Canadian government takes some steps to ensure that any student coming to their country is economically viable to live there. Canada is a great option for studying abroad, but one must keep in mind that although the cost of living is cheaper than in many countries, it will still take some extra effort and some extra bucks. So, part-time jobs are on-demand in Canada among the international student community. Overall, studying in Canada is more economically viable than most other developed countries and efforts are being made by Canada to make it better.

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