Cyber Security in India

Cyber Security in India

Cybersecurity deals with the protection of all forms of digital data on all kinds of digital devices. Securing digital devices is a very important task for both companies and individuals alike. The field is not new and has been around since the conception of computers. Wherever there is data, someone will always try to obtain it illegally. Cybersecurity has been at its best and worst in the past couple of years. There have been a lot of new laws to protect digital data. Although there have been a lot of advances in the field and we’ve reached a point where we could potentially create systems that are unbreakable at first glance, some hackers somehow always find ways to penetrate them and succeed. Thus, this is a field that is very fluid and has to come up with new solutions every minute.

In developing countries, cybersecurity has been a major problem. Not to say that developed countries do not have problems relating to cybersecurity but there have been fewer problems in those countries as the general public is more aware of the security scenario when it comes to digital devices. In countries that have had only a few years of access to digital computers, there is a void in cybersecurity professionals. There have been lots of speculations as to the security features of even the mobile phones that are sold in developing countries for a cheaper price. All the chaos in the field is due to the lack of professionals.

In India, there have been a lot of cases that have indicated a steep increase in cybercrimes and although law enforcement agencies are doing their best to stop them, it is not enough. Cybersecurity is a major concern as the number of devices owned by Indians is one of the highest in the world and most of those devices aren’t exactly reliable or known for their security features. There have been multiple reports stating the government itself doesn’t have secure systems. Even the State Bank of India (SBI) got hacked and many of its servers, holding crucial data were compromised. There was a lot of concern regarding the government’s ability to securely store confidential information of the public such as aadhar cards, phone numbers, etc.

Many of Indian corporations in India are reportedly unprepared for challenges in cybersecurity. There is a lot of gap in the workforce in the area. A lot of Indian corporations do not take security seriously and this is a major concern. Although the demand for cybersecurity is high in the Indian markets, there seems to be little intent to fill that demand. But all is not lost as many companies have opened their eyes towards the need and importance of cybersecurity in India. There are also some firms that offer cybersecurity as a service. These firms are derived from western countries but have proven to be effective in many countries. The government is also trying to make its servers more secure and all this points to the lack of cybersecurity professionals in India. This means there is a lot of scope in the field. The number of jobs is not going to decrease anytime soon. Cybersecurity has always been a very crucial field and due to attacks in recent times, everyone has become wary of the importance of the field in India.

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