Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is very crucial in the modern world. With computers and the internet almost everywhere, people trying to take advantage of the technology are plenty. Everyone has a second life in the cyber world. Take social media. There is a lot of personal information on social networking sites. If anyone can get that information, one can know a lot about a person and use that information to do bad things. Online transactions are very common these days, everything from a movie ticket to ordering food, almost everything can be done online. If someone can get that information, it could mean the loss of a lot of money. The field that concentrates on making the cyber environment secure is known as cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity deals with all the security relating to digital devices, be it protection from viruses or ensuring safe money transactions or even protecting private information. Cybersecurity is critical all around the world. Even governments store very confidential data on servers. If any hacker could get in and expose the data, it could mean a massive breach of national security. If the stakes aren’t high enough, a powerful virus spreading fast can mean extracting information from many companies and common people alike. This has also happened recently with the Wannacry virus.

The Wannacry ransomware attack took place in May 2017 worldwide. Basically, this ransomware was targeting older versions of windows and Microsoft released patches to fight the update but many organizations hadn’t updated their OS and so were affected by it. The attack stopped a few days later as Microsoft released emergency patches to get rid of the virus. The virus locks out all the information in the system and only releases it if the hackers are paid a certain amount, otherwise, the data is deleted completely. Due to this attack, many organizations and people lost vast volumes of data. The damage was high. If the security was more senior, all this could’ve been avoided.

Cybersecurity is just like security in the real world. There are thieves and robbers in the real world, and similarly, some hackers try to rob information or money from the people but they do it online, and that is the only difference. If its the real world, things could be handled better, but with millions of gigabytes of data floating around the web every second, it becomes exceedingly hard to catch and stop such wrongdoers. But, our current cybersecurity measures are quite useful. The achievements in cybersecurity in the last 25 years are phenomenal. Unlike the real world, cybersecurity uses mathematics and algorithms to protect information. At its crux, cybersecurity is all about protecting digital information.

There are many laws too regarding cybersecurity. Breaching a device or collecting private information without an individual’s consent is illegal and is punishable by law in almost all the countries. These laws were established to control the number of illegal hacks that increased significantly in the golden age of computers, which is in the 1990s. Cybersecurity is still very young, and many new ways of protecting information are being discovered. Cybersecurity professionals have jobs with very good pay. The jobs in the field are only going to increase. Cybersecurity is an ever-growing, challenging field to work in.

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