Salary of a Dentist in India

Salary of a Dentist in India

Everybody out here reading this article must be an aspiring dentist or a fresher in this field with high hopes of being the best dentist around and earning a high pay salary but do you know the reality of medical professions in India particularly in the field of dentistry? We guess you do not! So let us take you to the real world of the highly saturated market of dentistry practice here in India. As of now, you must be knowing a little about this field, about the fees you pay for a treatment or about the cost of a Dental college for getting an admission about the number of seats available in that college and about the quality of education provided here. You also must be knowing about the various numbers of clinical practices being opened by a simple graduate of BDS in every nook and corner of your locality and the saturation present in this job.

Dentists in India are highly underrated and thus the growth in this field is only possible if you study from a good college and have a good clinical hand for your patients. Otherwise, there are many quacks also practicing dentistry without a degree and earning a substantial amount for there living. So, by now you must be knowing about the general life of a dental student, you must be having several dreams of yourself practicing dentistry in your big clinic with several patients or doing a job in a hospital with good pay but the reality is you need to struggle hard before you achieve to this level. And by struggle, we mean facing the real deal of being a dentist in India. Salary of a dentists matters upon their degree and their clinical work. Being a BDS or MDS does matter but not to the extent where a major line can be drawn. The basic salary of a BDS or a fresher starts with 8 thousand to 25 thousand ( in private or corporate clinics) with some years of experience they can earn 25 000 to 40 000 INR.

The reason behind this low salary being is that the dentist to patient ratio is very low, moreover, India being a poor country, healthcare charges cant be raised as most of its population lives in the rural areas and they won’t be able to afford high-cost treatment. What does an MDS degree holder earn? As for the students with a master’s degree ( which is taken after BDS or graduation in dentistry), It depends upon their job or the clinic they have joined because the starting salary given to an MDS is around 25 000 to 55000 INR. After studying for literally 8 years in a row do you think this much is enough, well we don’t think so!! An MDS is a masters in dental surgery and earning this much won’t give you a good lifestyle lets be simple, in the present scenario, you won’t be able to raise a family with this much money. Well if you join a college for being a lecturer, your starting salary will be 25 k to 30k which will get raised upon your work or after years and that depends on your firm or institute. if you join a clinic then you will have to show a good clinical hand and a responsible behavior then only you can get paid after some years but that also depends upon your clinic only. So, how can a dentist earn enough to have a good life? If you want to be a dentist and earn good money, you must be willing to sacrifice your youth because the hustle is really hard. You need to have good communication skills and a magical clinical hand.

Dental clinics: opening your clinic and working day and night to give your patients a good treatment they demand and gaining their trust can make you a hero in your locality. Dental clinics do not pay you well initially but its a type of business only which grows with time and can get to a good position with constant efforts. The money you will earn by your clinic can go up to lakhs and we mean 3 lakhs to 5 lakhs per month if it is well settled and opened in a good corporate place.

Blogging: Bloggers are in great demand right now, if you have a good communication skill and can connect to a huge audience then blogging part-time can earn you numbers you never have imagined. For part-timers, a sum of 35 000 to 40 000 is a good amount you can earn.

Research: Research can also get you good money if your topic is good enough and unique to be presented to the world. India is going to be a pioneer in research with wonderful job opportunities in the future and thus a good salary also. There are various other options for a dentist to earn money though, the process is slow but fruitful in the long term. Moreover, India being a developing country, the future holds good for the dentists because there will be numerous job opportunities because of multiple hospitals and colleges getting opened year by year.

Thus do not lose hope you people, just do your best and always grab the opportunities you get on your door for you never know what leads you to your destiny.

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