Dibrugarh University

Dibrugarh University

Dibrugarh University was set up in 1985 in Assam under the Dibrugarh University Act, 1985. It is a teaching cum affiliating university. It is a leading research and innovation-driven university in North East India. It is located in Rajabeta, about 5 km from Dibrugarh town. The campus is spread over an area of 500 acres. The Dibrugarh district is well known for its vast minerals and flora and fauna. The Dibrugarh University has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with an A Grade.

Due to the diverse tribes and cultures present in the area, Dibrugarh University attracts a lot of students of anthropology, sociology, culture, and art. The university is a beautiful amalgam of various cultures and represents the diversity of North East India. The university is known for its great atmosphere and even higher reputation. It is one of the oldest universities in northeast India and has a reputation for being very open to any and all cultures. The academics in the university are very sought after with a very unique and well-rounded curriculum in all the departments. It has various Masters, Bachelors, Diploma and Ph.D. courses in a myriad of fields including engineering, management, political science, sciences, social sciences, and many others.
The university also has a lavish campus filled with a variety of plants. The calm and diverse nature of the surroundings gives the university a distinct and peaceful feel. It makes it great for pursuing one’s studies. The university campus has hostels, canteens, sports centers, health care centers, and many other amenities to help the students. The university is divided into five primary schools of study:

  • Humanities, social sciences, and law
  • Commerce and management science
  • Science and Engineering
  • Education
  • Earth, atmospheric science, environment, and energy

The northeast part of India is a very diverse part of the country. It is quite different from the rest of India due to the major social, economic sects present. The tribal regions of the area are also high. In such a region, Dibrugarh University has taken upon itself to improve the education given to students by taking into account the socio-economic situation of northeast India. In fact, one of the main aims of the university is to bring out quality leaders from this part of India.
The university website, dibru.ac.in claims that the vision of the university is to develop human resources by integrating knowledge and skill, human values, and compassion for a better world. The university has been rising in popularity all over India in recent times. Despite being one of the oldest universities in India, Dibrugarh University has made some very modern breakthroughs in teaching, including establishing a distance learning program for students anywhere in the world. There are many other facilities that make this university stand out. It is the best university in the Northeastern part of India with national and international outreach. The university seems only to get better with age and its students are involved in many major projects in India.

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