Dietician Course

Dietician Course

A dietician course is the new field of expertise in health management through food. Nowadays every hospital has a dietician or hires one in the case of individuals with severe medical complications who require proper food monitoring. Dieticians are the medical professionals who are experts in food management and planning of diet for individuals in need.

So let us tell you first what dieticians are?
Dieticians are the health professionals who make, monitor, and supervise the diet of patients with different medical conditions like food allergy, diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. They can work in private practice and provide consultations or can work in hospitals, schools, sports centers, health centers. They help people in providing correct food habits while considering their age, weight, lifestyle, diseases, and disorders.

What is a Dietician course all about and How to become a Dietician?

You need to get your bachelor’s degree in dietician course from the right college in India which then includes studying food and nutritional science, allergy of food, nutrition in gerontology, etc. You then need to take a rotating internship from an approved health care facility or community agency to learn more about this field practically. After all, you will get licensed from your state govt for practice and get a title of a registered dietician if you fulfill the above criteria. You can then also pursue a Postgraduate or master’s degree in this field for developing more knowledge and skills.

Few colleges providing a degree in this field are as follows :

  • Lady Irwin College, New Delhi
  • Achariya arts and science college, Puducherry
  • Amity University
  • Manipal University
  • Chinmaya degree college, Haridwar

There are many more colleges in India providing both UG and PG courses in this field. What are the career options in this field?

There are many career aspects for a dietitian as India is now emerging in the health care sector thus people are more concerned and can’t compromise with their health. You can become an RD or registered dietician in any hospital, clinic, health care centers or can open your private practice. You can also go for further studies including Research in dietetics. People are since more conscious these days. Thus they can contact you for your supervision of what they eat and what should they be eating.

How much does a dietician earn?

You must be very curious to know whether this field will provide you the minimum where you can have a good lifestyle or not, so let us tell you, Yes! A dietician earns a starting salary of 25 to 30 thousand per month but with experience, you can make a handsome amount with good perks also.
If you get a job in foreign then you will be earning 4000 dollars per month which increases with experience.

So, all the students reading this article here, we have given you enough info on dieticians, now it’s your turn to start your preparation and work hard to get a good college where you can build and develop your skills in this field.

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