Distance Education in India

Distance Education in India

Its Time To Know About The History Of Distance Education In India:

Distance education is an education for students who may not be physically present at school. At present Indian Universities are at the top in providing distance education.

Correspondence education, also known as distance education, got established or developed in the mid-nineteenth century in Europe and then eventually started growing in the United States and then started growing in a large number.
Those days distance education was like the correspondence education where a candidate will appear to the institution only to appear for semester exams and at the present distance education is done online and exams are also taken through an online basis.

The distance education was established in the year 1985 in India. Distance education in India was started in Indira Gandhi National Open University. It gave opportunities for those students who aren’t able to travel a long way distance to college or for those who want to get a double degree; distance education helps them to study and pursue the degree from their house and solves their problem.

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