All Engineering Branches and Fields

All Engineering Branches and Fields

Fresh out of high school and wondering what should be your first college experience and what your major should be? Provided that engineering is perhaps the most popular choice of postgraduate studies, a little information about this field would go a long way in making the right decisions.

All Engineering Branches and Fields:


  • This is perhaps a road less traveled with a very niche segment of students actually opting for this course; however, the field in itself is vast and immensely interesting. So if you’re someone who is into modeling huge fighter jets or if outer space is the way to go for you, then this major is definitely not going to disappoint you.


  • Possibly the most in-demand choice for a major, this field has huge opportunities for career growth due to the leap in technology and the ever-changing demands of the youth for better faster gadgets.


  • If you have always had a fascination with buildings and just marveling at the sheer brilliance of human creativity, then this is definitely for you. This is a major that is a wonderful culmination of everything ranging from architecture to geology to mechanics.


  • One of the oldest and greatly rewarding major choices in chemical engineering. Chemical engineering is a lot more than just mixing and having fun with laboratory equipment. It is a complex study of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics along with various aspects of metallurgy. Chemical engineers are often highly sought after in the oil and gas industry.


  • It is one of the core engineering branches and has importance in almost all facets of the industry. Electrical engineering is a wonderful culmination of both theoretical knowledge and execution of it in real-life scenarios. So what are you waiting for, grab your soldering guns, and opt for this major?


  • Needless to say, the IT industry has boomed lately in India with various multinational companies expanding their foray and better way to exploit this plethora of opportunities other than specializing in IT as a major. IT is used everywhere starting from crime forensics to business organizations and this is one sector that will almost always never experience a slump.


  • Do automobiles and machines fascinate you? Do you love watching gears rotating in their sprockets? Then perhaps you have found you are calling through this field. What most people mistake this field for is often visual imagery consisting of greasy workshops surrounded by machinery, but this major also utilizes some pretty state of the art technology in achieving desired results. This is another major where hands-on experience and knowledge are extremely crucial along with a good grasp of theoretical knowledge.

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Some other engineering fields include metallurgical and materials engineering, mining engineering, biotechnology, production, petroleum, polymer to name a few. With such a vast array of specializations available for taking, it is guaranteed to satisfy the demand of almost every aspirant and provide a very enriching experience throughout.

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