Entrance Exams for Hotel Management

Entrance Exams for Hotel Management

Hotel management is a popular course that is related to the study and management of the hotel industry. It is one of the hospitality management courses. With the evolution of technology, hotels and other hospitality places have adopted new and exciting technology for efficient function. But, it is difficult to find people who can use this technology efficiently and improve the management of a hotel. Hotels are constantly looking for individuals who are well versed in handling the tech and are good at communicating with people and are also capable managers who can cleverly allocate the hotel’s resources for maximum profit. Due to this need for qualified professionals in the hotel industry, hotel management courses were started and have been popular since their conception.

In India, hotel management is a relatively new field, and it is also one of the fastest-growing courses. Many colleges offering hotel management have sprung up in the past decade and initiatives have been taken by many universities to make sure that young students are aware of the course and the benefits it provides. The minimum qualification for getting into a hotel management course such as B.Sc. in hotel management is to complete 10+2. The other requirement is to pass an entrance exam. The confusing aspect of this is that unlike other courses, there are many entrance tests to get into a hotel management course. The entrance exam differs from college to college, and one must be sure to set one college as their goal and try to pass the test to get into the college.

Entry into all the central and state-affiliated IHMs is granted through the Nation Council of Hotel Management and Catering Technology Joint Entrance Exam, or NCHM JEE. The IHMs is one of the most popular colleges for hotel management in India and have a very high demand among students. There are 21 central and 15 state-affiliated IHMs around the country. Still, one must apply for other state or primary level hotel management entrance tests to be safe. Some programs such as the Oberoi-STEP exam by the Oberoi group offer free hotel management courses. Hence, hotel-run examinations are also a choice when it comes to hotel management and can prove to be very beneficial in the future as jobs come into play. IIHM eCHAT is another national level entrance test for an undergraduate hotel management course. Some state-level entrance tests are UPSEE BHMCT, UKSEE BHMCT, WBJEE HM. Exams such as PUTHAT and IPU CET BHMCT are university level entrance tests and are gateways to some of the most beautiful hotel management colleges.

Hotel management is one of those courses which seem to get better as time progresses. Hotel management professionals can also opt to apply for other management jobs other than related hotel management. There is a lot of scope in the field, and anyone interested in studying hospitality courses such as hotel management must write many entrance tests and be well prepared to study in any university. The jobs offered in the field also provide a variety of perks and excellent communication skills can go a long way in one’s career. The number of entrance tests might be high but writing more tests ensures that the student has a higher chance of getting into any college.

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