Essay on Corruption

Essay on Corruption

Corruption is the fraudulent or dishonest conduct by those in power, generally involving bribery. It is one of the evils of any country. Corruption is generally driven by the need for political power or money for disobeying the law. Corruption is seen in almost every country at varying levels. Many countries have seen scams by their leaders and representatives, and it can often be traumatic and scary to know that the officials you rely on do not obey the law and use their power for their selfish reasons. Corruption is democratic countries isn’t new, and it been there since before the inception of democracy itself. But, governments have laws to take care of such corrupt acts, even though they might be hard to implement as the ones under scrutiny are the ones scrutinizing.

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It is very hard to sniff out corruption in officials as they have the power. The decrease in corruption is only possible through the brave acts of good law-abiding officials. Corruption can occur on many different scales. Corruption ranges from small favors to affecting the government of a country. Corruption and crime are apparent in every society and occur in virtually every country albeit to a varying degree. Strategies to counter corruption are generally summarized as Anti-Corruption. There many scales of corruption ranging from petty corruption which can be seen at a smaller scale to Grand corruption which occurs at the highest levels of the government to even systemic corruption.

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Corruption can be seen in many sectors. In the public sector, political corruption is one of the most popular forms of corruption and is highly prevalent in developing countries such as India, Bangladesh, etc. Police corruption and Judicial corruption are also seen in many countries. Corruption can occur at seemingly unlikely places such as the education system. There is no single solution to corruption as it can occur at any level and any place. The major concern is that corruption is hard to handle like the ones that enforce the law don’t follow the law themselves. Corruption can also be seen in religious practices where the leader or the head of religious organization uses the beliefs of people to his/her advantage and thereby corrupts the whole institution.

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There are many methods of corruption. The most famous one is Bribery which involves the use of gifts and favors in exchange for personal gain. Embezzlement and Theft involve taking funds or assets illegally. Fraud is also a very popular method of corruption where the owner of funds is convinced to give them to someone by deception. Extortion and blackmail are also used for corruption as one could threaten someone for their gain. There are many such methods of corruption, and all of them are legally punishable. Usage of power for personal growth is often frowned upon by the general public and is seen as a sign of weakness in the individual. There are strict laws forbidding corruption is almost every country, and still, the rates of corruption aren’t as low as one would expect. Change in people’s mindset is the only thing that seems to decrease corruption. But, due to effective laws are restructuring of law enforcement, corruption is slowly but steadily decreasing all around the world, and this is a good sign towards global and social development. Less corruption increases trust in governments and organizations and improves the functioning of any country.

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