Essay on Cyber Security

Essay on Cyber Security

Cyber-crime is a computer-related crime, India ranked the third in the list of countries where the highest number of cyber-threats was detected/destroyed and second in the terms of target attack in the year 2017. Cyber-security is protecting computers from cyber-crime. Ray Tomlinson was the one who found a computer worm to solve the problem of cyber-crime then he found a reaper known as the first anti-virus software. In 1988 man named Robert Morris wanted to gauge the size of the internet and he wrote a program to which was designed to propagate the networks and it was termed as THE MORRIS WORM, but then the last instruction made a blunder mistake and then when it grew like a virus the computers began to slow down.

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Once when your computer is in the attack, you will receive a lot of popups or messages from anonymous. Attackers attack through various ways through a) using a PowerPoint to run malicious code b) using a Microsoft word to run malicious code and using email spams to trick users. The attackers mainly attack companies for so many reasons, so its best for the companies to safeguard their documents and computers or make everything into private.


It is so important for someone to know about the importance of cyber-security to protect his/her computer or document from the cyber-crime attackers.

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  1. THE RISING COST OF BREACHES: – Breaches is nothing but an act of failing to observe the law or the code of conduct. The point is the attackers attack the extremely expensive business. Suffering a cyber attack can cause customers to lose trust in the company or business. Therefore, a business/company needs to safeguard it is through cyber-security.
  2. INCREASINGLY SOPHISTICATED HACKERS: – Before getting into this you should know the top 7 hacking countries: – Romania, Brazil, Taiwan, Russia, Turkey, US, China. Hacking is stealing someone’s computer document. Almost every business has a website that will be known to the whole world, in this we will not be knowing the criminals (i.e.) the cyber-criminals and we will not be known as to when they will hack our account or website because you have to know that hackers are highly intelligent, they can hack any account minute after minute and that’s why its important to install cyber-security to avoid hackers to steal your my computer¬Ě.
  3. WIDELY AVAILABLE HACKING TOOLS: – As I said before hackers are highly intelligent that they can hack an account or website minute by minute. There is a wide availability of hacking tools and programs on the internet. Hence, everyone needs to install cybersecurity to avoid hacking problems.
  4. TIGHTER REGULATIONS: – The regulations that got introduced like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) means the organization should take protection or security seriously to protect their account, computer, or website.
    People need to safeguard their computers from cyber-attackers by installing cyber-security. Cyber-security offers all kinds of protection like virus attack, worms, malware, etc.¦ As hackers nowadays are more intelligent it is becoming mandatory for people to install some cyber-security.

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