Essay on Education

Essay on Education

As Ivan Welton Fitzwater once said, “The future of the world is in my classroom today”, one cannot imagine the world and the standard of life without education playing a vital role in it. Education is something the sparks our curiosity, makes us dream big, helps us achieve the unthinkable, and completely changes the way we have been living. Education is like a turning wheel, symbolizing the change of times and tides, bringing forth new ideas and perspectives on the table and completely renewing our sense of existence. An educated person is aware, can tap into his conscience, and can make well-informed decisions.

The history of education can be traced back to the prehistoric ages, safe to say ever since humanity had begun to exist. While the form of educating and the transfer of knowledge has been changing with time, the sole purpose of education remains to enlighten humankind and help it to take steps towards a better way of living. According to most folklore, the first knowledge transfer took place between a superior cosmic force and man, thereby enabling him to think and innovate. Education has spanned over centuries, starting from orally transferred information to hieroglyphs, well-structured grammar, and scripts to the modern-day languages existing.

The importance of education can be traced back to many ancient civilizations; the Hindus propagated their need for knowledge through a series of scriptures the most notable ones being the Vedas. The Egyptians often placed high importance on education and skills, with only a select stratum of the society being allowed to partake in training to become a scribe. The ancient Chinese had a similar court system, where only a handful of few that were well versed with languages and skills were deemed fit to serve the emperor. It is safe to assume the same for early dynasties of European royalty who often favored artisans and scientists over the general populace.

It is impossible to think of today’s world without education. Perhaps electricity wouldn’t have existed without education. We would have been a species that was on the verge of extinction if vaccinations and antibiotics did not make their mark, or perhaps something as simple as a pen or a paperclip couldn’t have been invented without thirst for curiosity that education imbibes. While education has left a tremendous positive impact on humankind, it is not without its flaws. Tragic happenings of history often circle themselves around conventionally educated people. Take for instance Adolf Hitler who was a highly read person and the inventor of the nuclear bombs. It is indeed safe to assume that without education we would all be stuck in the dark ages; however, discretion is required when putting that knowledge to use. This is like a double-edged sword; it can either be used to benefit the world around us or to destroy lives. The choice lies in the hands of the student populace of today and their teachers who would ultimately help to shape these young impressionable minds into something bigger.

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