Essay on Global Warming

Essay on Global Warming

Global warming is a long-term rise in the average temperature of Earth’s climatic conditions or systems. It is also an aspect of climate change shown by temperature measurements and by multiple effects of the same. Greenhouse gas or biomethane gas is a type of gas that is created by biodegradable materials that can be used in the traditional way of fossil fuel gas that can be used for cooking and heating in our house. The biogas is then purified to produce biomethane which can be injected into the national gas with traditional fossil fuel gas.

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What are the causes of Global Warming?

  1. Burning of Fossil Fuels: – When we burn fossil fuels like coal and gas to get electricity or the powers to cars, we release CO2 into the atmosphere. This can cause global warming. Reducing the use of coal and petroleum can cause less global warming.
  2. Deforestation is yet another important cause of global warming, we need fresh air to live a healthy life for the fresh air we require many numbers of trees and plants to get fresh air. But what will happen if we don’t have the required number of trees and plants? The answer to this is we will not have fresh air, and therefore we will be breathing the air that is polluted and ultimately live an unhealthy life. Deforestation is nothing but cutting and destroying trees for many purposes and one such is cutting trees for making papers. If we reduce deforestation, we can reduce global warming.

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These are the two main causes of global warming and other than these there are many causes of global warming, but these are the two main and important cause of global warming.

The effect of global warming will extremely cause a serious situation for the earth; there are so many effects that will happen in the future if global warming exists and continues. The effects include polar ice caps melting, economic consequences, more hurricanes, the spread of disease, earthquakes, and tsunami.

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As the temperature increases the ice on the north pole will melt, once the ice melts there will be a rise in sea level because the melting glaciers become the ocean, according to the National Snow and Ice Data Centre, if the ice gets melted today the sea would raise about 230feet. Earthquakes and tsunamis are caused due to global warming when there is a rise in sea level there will be possibilities of a tsunami, even when there is a volcanic eruption, it will cause a tsunami as well as earthquake.

Its high time to think about how to stop global warming and that the next generation will not get affected, we should move forward to implement global warming solutions. To reduce global warming, we can reduce the contribution to greenhouse gas. We can reuse and recycle the used papers instead of doing deforestation. It’s now a critical stage to stop global warming and to save the future for our generation.

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