Essay on Health is Wealth

Essay on Health is Wealth

One wise man once said, “so many people spend their health to acquire wealth, and then they give away all of their wealth to acquire that health back”. This is something that most youths of today fail to realize. With changing lifestyles and living conditions, it is safe to say that we are far worse off than our ancestors when it comes to health. We might have noticed an increase in life expectancy in recent years; however, this can only be attributed to the developing medical technology and the financial ability of people to afford this. But unfortunately, the quality of life has probably reduced with time.

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One of the biggest mistakes with our generation is the inability to handle stress. And not only do we have the current societal expectations to blame for this but also the desire to gain material objects over real well being is being preferred. Stress leads to a plethora of health complications not to mention the toll it takes on mental health as well. The quality of air and the environment is to be blamed as well. Air quality is extremely poor in countries like China and India and this, in turn, has led to respiratory problems amongst people. A sedentary lifestyle and lack of physical exercise have made our immune systems extremely vulnerable. Exploitation and over usage of drugs has led to many bacteria and viruses now developing resistant traits. Exposure to blue screens via mobile phones and television devices has also increased. Thanks to chemicals masked as pesticides finding their way into food, many pregnancy-related issues are being observed with infants often developing problems in their early stages. A hectic work schedule and disruption of one’s natural biological clock can also leave long-lasting effects on the body.

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The biggest arsenal that we human beings have in our barrage of weaponry can be said to be healthy. Without health, it’s realistically impossible to achieve one’s goals and dreams. No achievements are easy when the very human body poses a threat to it. Good health bolsters one’s chances of succeeding and makes living more fruitful and joyous. What is the purpose of living, if half of one’s existence goes away in dealing with a frail physical body? If one is blessed with good health, it is extremely crucial for them to make efforts to ensure that it stays that way.
Good health is something that is relatively quite easy to achieve, just a few modifications to one’s lifestyle and the results will astonish you. Most great conquerors of old legends were said to be strong-bodied to emphasize on the fact that nothing was impossible when one had health on their sides. Taking a cue from all the knowledge and information that is readily available these days one can take a positive stride towards their well-being. Health can get you all the treasures of the world; however, no miracle can restore health that’s flown away. It is extremely crucial to maintain good health before it’s too late to turn back the clock.

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