Essay on Science and Technology

Essay on Science and Technology

Looking back to the development that humankind has encompassed over the last couple of centuries can easily be linked to the strides in science and technology. It is realistically impossible to imagine our lives not being affected by science. Science and technology have woven their way into the very fabric of our survival. Simply put, science can be defined as a system of collecting and organizing information and helps to predict the future and its consequences. Technology can be defined as the collection of techniques and processes that can be used to fulfill the objectives and to meet the demands of the Consumer.

The origin of science can be traced back to the early prehistoric ages when humankind discovered fire and slowly evolved to using tools and agriculture. Incidentally, most scientific discoveries and evolution of technology have been accidental, were tinkering around with a few objects has led to the unearthing of something bigger. Almost all major advancements in the field of science and technology have been born from an error. they are starting from the discovery of fire by rubbing two pieces of flint against each other to the prototype for an aircraft to more modern inventions like medications and vaccinations.

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The history of science and technology is perhaps just as colorful as that of humankind. For the early man agriculture and the wheel proved a crucial stepping stone for most civilizations. Next dawned the usage of bronze tools and stone masonry that led to the building of some of the brilliant pieces of architecture. The Discovery of iron changed the way economies functioned leading up to the Industrial Revolution. The printing press also helped shape communication and changed kingdoms and societies forever. The electric bulb marked the beginning of a new dawn for humankind and effectively replaced the gas lamps that were rampant at that time.

Coming to the past few decades, massive improvements have been made in the digital space, making internet and data sharing a child’s play. Humans have successfully been to map the surfaces of planets thousands of light-years away. Very intricate surgical procedures are now being carried out with the help of robotic appendages, strides in the domain of medical technology have helped to improve the lives of millions across the globe. Newer designs of automation are being introduced that are faster, better, and more fuel-efficient and now mankind has set its sight on space travel.

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While science and technology, for the most part, have benefitted the way we live, like every coin it has its flip side as well. Science and technology are responsible for some of the biggest disasters that mankind has ever witnessed. The events of World War II and the consequent Hiroshima and Nagasaki have left society crippling still now. Biological weapons have successfully wiped out entire villages to satiate the thirst for war. While technology is something we must look forward to in the future, it goes without saying that the responsibility to make it count is in our hands. If utilized correctly, it will surely pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

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