Essay on The Importance of Education

Essay on The Importance of Education

“Education is the most powerful that you can use to change the world”- Nelson Mandela. Going by the above statement, it’s safe to say that education defines us as individuals and helps to mold our minds and perspectives. Why is education so important? Put it has woven its way into our lives and has become an essential aspect of survival. Education not only helps one attain personal success but also helps to shape the economic development and future of the country. Education is synonymous with happiness, satisfaction, and prosperity and helps the mind to conceive thoughts that lead to empowerment. It also plays an extensive role while making choices and decisions which involve a lot of forethought and analysis.

Life is a never-ending battle for survival, and education acts as an arsenal in this battle and helps to fight failure. Some of the rampant issues that today our society faces are corruption, unemployment, and extensive environmental damage- education is the only thing that can help to tackle all these issues and eradicate them. Education produces better human resources for the coming years and an educated person helps to expand his knowledge to others. An educated person is a vessel of knowledge for others- they can inspire, motivate, and bring positivity into the life of others.

A robust education system is extremely for national progress. The educated society also has a much better and stronger political ideology. It is also commonly noted that highly developed nations often have a sizeable chunk of their populace well educated and are equipped with a robust education system. The importance of education can perhaps be felt when most societies push their youth into education from a very early age itself. Education not only imparts knowledge but also imbibes a strong sense of value, morality, and ethics in one.

Unfortunately, education today has become more about academic knowledge rather than the actual value that it can contribute to one’s life. Perhaps one of the main reason as to why our society is drifting away from the basic purpose of education is the rapid commercialization of the education sector- people perceive it as a means to generate money rather than values. In today’s age, it is imperative to redefine a good education. Good training does not consist of acquiring a degree or certificate, and rather it deals with a lot deeper impact that it leaves on the individual.

It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure that our future generations get access to a well-developed education system and by education not just technical knowledge and a fancy college degree but a deeper set of morals and values that would help to create aware, knowledgeable and empathetic individuals who would help to build the world a better place to live in. Thus the educators and the education system have the huge responsibility of leading the youth on a path of knowledge seeking and ultimately discovering themselves; as the common saying goes- “the teachers of today will make the students of tomorrow”.

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