Event Management Courses in India

Event Management Courses in India

Event management is project management which creates and develops significant scale events like conferences, meetings, parties etc¦ now this industry includes events of all sizes starting from sports management to small business breakfasts. One should have the ability of planning, organizing, and executing to manage an event. There are 12 different types of events that will be needing management: – Conferences, seminars, meetings, trade shows, press conferences, product launches, theme parties, trade fairs, weddings, birthdays, wedding anniversary, any other family events. To work on with the budgets event managers also needs to be a good financial manager.



One should have at least a diploma in event management, Public Relations or in marketing to pursue event management. Diploma in event management is a duration course of 1 year. In diploma, they teach the essential qualities that an event manager should possess like interpersonal skills, productive skills, leadership abilities, energy, time management etc¦one should at least have 50% in his/her 12th grade.


  1. Event marketing
  2. Event advertising
  3. Public relations
  4. IT for event management
  5. Event marketing
  6. Event planning
  7. Event accounting
  8. Communication skills
  9. Special event topics
  10. Cross-cultural management
  11. Event risk management
  12. Dissertation I
  13. Dissertation II

The top two best colleges in India that offer Diploma Courses in Event Management are

  1. National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai (https://www.niemindia.com/)
  2. National Academy of Event Management and Development, Noida (https://www.naemd.com/)

To know further information about these colleges, click the link mentioned above. COURSES OFFERED IN INDIA

1)Fundraising and Sponsorship: – Fundraising is seeking financial support; sponsorship is supporting an event by providing products or services. This is the advanced and most crucial level in the event management course.
2)Hospitality Management: – Hospitality management is managing the hospitality of the customers. It deals with providing accommodation, food, drinks, etc. to the customers and overseeing the events and preparing everything to face the consequences for the day.
3)Meeting Management: – Meeting management is one of the most essential skills that an event manager can have. This is the best place/time where an event manager can show his/her work in a meticulous way. Meeting management is providing all the requirements that a meeting should have; this is a place where the event manager can get more opportunities.
4)Financial Management: – Managing the financial/budget is the work of event managers. Their duty is to give the list of the incomes and the expenditure that the event will incur based on the plans made.
5)Contract Management: – The purpose of a contract is to protect all the parties involved in the event. Contract management is the process of managing contract creation.
6)Public Relations and Promotions: – Public relations is the practice of managing the spread of information that is between an individual or an organization and the public. Promotion is nothing but the publicity of a product. It is vital for an event manager to know both promotion and public relations.
7)Foodservice Management: – Foodservice managers are responsible for the operations of the restaurants and their behavior towards customers.
8)Tourism: – Every year numerous tourist visits India. There should be a guide to make them know about the architecture and culture in India. The guide is trained on how to manage situations that happen in tourism.

These are the 8 main advanced courses that are offered in event management, India.
To conclude, event management is a beautiful course to pursue. It helps and benefits for those who are so passionate/interested in pursuing. If you want to know the best colleges, its mentioned above with the website, the courses, and the eligibility criteria are also mentioned above.

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